Facebook allows friends @ Mention tags to shorten

Once Facebook users have marked a friend in a post or comment, type the @ symbol or part of its name and selecting the name of a menu, which now can shorten the label by removing parts of the name of friend. Previously, users had to leave the full name or label does not appear as an active link and trigger a notification of that friend. Facebook has also launched an enhanced version of suggestions from friends labels automatically when users type the name of a friend with a capital letter, but did not use the @ symbol. 

shortening tag allows users to keep the labels short positions, increasing the likelihood that they will be read instead of skim milk by. It also keeps tabs too formal for the interruption of the otherwise informal messages or comments. 

Facebook extends its photo tagging feature, which has proved very viral, to allow the labeling of friends, Pages, Events, Groups and more status updates in September 2009. In March, Facebook allowed markup in the comments. The Facebook app for Android allows users to tag friends in the seats, but the option is not available in the Facebook for iPhone, other mobile applications native or 

Facebook automatically verifies that shows the marked fall down when people capitalize the first letter of a word in August, but users have often not bothered about labels to a friend. Facebook software engineer Tom Occhino now tells us that this feature has been fully deployed, but we have found is set to show only the suggested tags when users enter five or more characters of the name of a friend, or type a name complete is less than 5 characters. This should help expose the role of brands mentioned the names of friends in the seats, but do not really labeled. 

When users tag a friend in a message is highlighted. Now users can delete the end or beginning of the label as the name or surname, but the remaining parts of the name still highlighted, and displayed as links once the message is published. 

If a friend has more than two names, a label may be reduced to adjacent names, ie, users could leave the first and middle name or the name, but can not eliminate the middle name. Note that labels only friends can be shortened, the tabs of pages - the page labels, Events, Groups, Facebook and other properties become inactive if a user attempts to shorten. 

Users sometimes text messages such heavy reading their news service, so the ability to clip the labels should increase commitment to tagged items. 

Facebook often strives to imitate the physical world communication in the design of their products. When speaking of a friend in a conversation with friends in common that they often use only part of his name, but use the full name when talking about those not familiar with that person. Now, the same option to choose which part of a name is mentioned in the context function is available on the mailing label.