iPhone Apps for Business Travel

Between catching flights, in coordination with coworkers and customers courtship, there are plenty of opportunities to make careless, money-wasting decisions while traveling on business. Like most things in life, the iPhone and iPad is here to help. In the Apple store, you will find a range of applications suitable for your business needs.

1. Pro TravelTracker

Although Pro TravelTracker can feel like a heavy investment at $ 9.99, may be the most complete travel application market, which serves as his personal assistant and travel agent on the fly. The most efficient implementation reserves, expenses, awards programs, directions and local weather. Perhaps its most useful feature is the easy entry - just forward any new plan and your account will be updated TravelTracker Pro.

2. Currency

First things first. If you travel abroad, you get a good currency converter - a careless traveler can be easily fooled by a poor exchange rate at a corner store. Be sure to keep your current rate by updating the application whenever you are online. Currency (the application) includes more than 100 currencies of the countries, so that will be attending most of the places you are.

3. Trapster

Nothing says annoying expenses, unexpected travel like a speeding ticket. With Trapster, you know where the police hide their little secrets in any city you are. You will be alerted when approaching speed traps, red light and radar, as well as to get to accidents and other tie ups.

4. Babelingo

When you're no idea of ​​the lingua franca, the best present himself as more knowledgeable than they really can be. If negotiations with the drivers or business relationships, adding a few key phrases from your vocabulary will make you appear more knowledgeable about the culture - and to discourage residents from overcharging you. This release of sentences, with 11 languages, does not require a Wi-Fi, so you're still in luck if you're in a dead zone.

5. Keypoint

Work on the go has never been so easy. The next time you prepare for a speech outside the city, in turn waiting time in lines or sitting in traffic in time to perfect their presentation. Keypoint allows you to create master slides using a variety of themes and animations can be exported or shared in PDF format.

6. Expensify

Keeping track of all your expenses can be a hassle - especially if you are prone to lose the paper invoices. Make sure you never lose another receipt lunch and go paperless with the practice of exploration expenditures on the application. You can get everything from the miles driven to coffees bought by customers, then submit your expense report right from the IOS device.

7. Magic Taxi

Say goodbye to dispatchers with this simple application of taxi calling. Instead of asking anxiously when the car show, you can see the car approach using the map view. If you are someone who often without cash, you can upload the cab of your credit card through your iPhone and travel expenses of an electronic receipt.

8. TripDoc

They have plenty of places to strike and the need to maximize the time? Use TripDoc to organize their stops on a map. You'll quickly see the best routes to travel, so you'll know if public transport is going to get where you need to go and if you can save the taxi. Also, if you find yourself returning repeatedly to a city is a great way to save your favorite restaurants to shops, or Wi-Fi hot spots.

9. OpenTable

Want to impress your customers with expertise in local restaurants? Write using quickly find and reserve tables available near you. Unlike other applications, restaurants, houses both Write reviews and menus, so you can make sure everyone is happy with the selection of food in advance.

10. Complain

Stay in touch with your coworkers in the office with Yammer, free business social network. You can ask questions, collaborate on ideas and share the latest developments in the road. Yammer can significantly increase the connectivity between co-workers who often work remotely, so your computer more efficiently.

Speech Recognition Interface Uncovered in iOS 5

5 IOS Apple iPhone, the iPhone and the iPod is the way, now that the beta software is available to developers IOS5, the tracks of a partially hidden feature was discovered: the Nuance speech recognition is Rumor has it that perfectly integrated in IOS 5.

Although the next voice recognition features that are not yet in operation in the IOS 5 beta, parts of it are visible in the interface. As you can see from the chart above, 9to5 Mac points the microphone icon, placed next to the spacebar on your keyboard IOS is used throughout the operating system. When a user touches the microphone icon, it opens the voice recognition interface to see the right of the graph above.

So far, it seems that the voice recognition capability is only integrated into the iPhone and iPod Touch, but 9to5 Mac says it's not too late for that also appears in the version of IOS iPad 5 at the time they leave the market.

Not surprisingly, Apple is trying to keep secret the existence of the new features. For the integration of Nuance speech recognition, the secret probably has something to do with incomplete negotiations between Apple and Nuance, the company behind the voice recognition engine of the Dragon for Mac and PC favorably reviewed the last month.

While last year Apple bought speech recognition Siri implementation capacity, according to MacRumors, Apple is still in negotiations with Nuance, which also has the voice recognition technology behind Siri and many other applications of IOS.

We spoke with officials from Nuance couple of weeks, and even hinted at in the negotiations with Apple's share of the Nuance speech recognition engine everywhere, they were not talking details yet.

In my opinion, Nuance has consistently improved the accuracy of voice recognition engine, and if able to facilitate accurate voice recognition along IOS interface, which significantly improve all IOS devices.