Speech Recognition Interface Uncovered in iOS 5

5 IOS Apple iPhone, the iPhone and the iPod is the way, now that the beta software is available to developers IOS5, the tracks of a partially hidden feature was discovered: the Nuance speech recognition is Rumor has it that perfectly integrated in IOS 5.

Although the next voice recognition features that are not yet in operation in the IOS 5 beta, parts of it are visible in the interface. As you can see from the chart above, 9to5 Mac points the microphone icon, placed next to the spacebar on your keyboard IOS is used throughout the operating system. When a user touches the microphone icon, it opens the voice recognition interface to see the right of the graph above.

So far, it seems that the voice recognition capability is only integrated into the iPhone and iPod Touch, but 9to5 Mac says it's not too late for that also appears in the version of IOS iPad 5 at the time they leave the market.

Not surprisingly, Apple is trying to keep secret the existence of the new features. For the integration of Nuance speech recognition, the secret probably has something to do with incomplete negotiations between Apple and Nuance, the company behind the voice recognition engine of the Dragon for Mac and PC favorably reviewed the last month.

While last year Apple bought speech recognition Siri implementation capacity, according to MacRumors, Apple is still in negotiations with Nuance, which also has the voice recognition technology behind Siri and many other applications of IOS.

We spoke with officials from Nuance couple of weeks, and even hinted at in the negotiations with Apple's share of the Nuance speech recognition engine everywhere, they were not talking details yet.

In my opinion, Nuance has consistently improved the accuracy of voice recognition engine, and if able to facilitate accurate voice recognition along IOS interface, which significantly improve all IOS devices.