Twitter Plans To Launch Photo-Sharing Service

The rumor has been beaten by the afternoon with reports that Twitter is working on her own photo-sharing service to compete with the likes of Twitpic and Yfrog.

TechCrunch first reported the tip, citing several unnamed sources, last week. And now all things D appears to have confirmed the story as well, going so far as to say that the service will be announced this week. ATD story also quotes unnamed sources, but claims the announcement will be made in their own conference, D9, this week in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. \

Not come as too big of a surprise that these reports turn out to be true. He then asked the Twitter developers to halt construction of third-party clients, the company announced the acquisition of TweetDeck. Although it took months to finally confirmed the rumors too, so the rumors can be seen for some time before Twitter makes any official announcement.


WePay was founded by Bill Clerico and Rich Aberman in August 2008 following three simple observations:

Collecting money is a struggle for groups of all sizes -- from a group of friends splitting the cost of a ski house to a fraternity collecting membership fees and soliciting donations.
People collecting money have two options: hold shared funds in a personal bank account or go through the trouble of setting up a separate bank account.
Maintaining transparency and sharing account activity information with group members is a challenge.

Since high school, Bill and Rich have been collecting and managing money for various activities, clubs and organizations. Bill was student body president and spent his afternoons slinging tickets to dances, lock-ins, fundraisers and trips. Rich was a traveling member of the debate team, and cofounder of a club dedicated to raising money to build a school in Nicaragua.

When Bill and Rich met at Boston College, they were both heavily involved in a wide range of groups that needed to collect and manage money. Bill was the treasurer of multiple on-campus clubs, and was "that guy" hounding his roommates to pay rent every month. Rich organized a 15-person service trip to Biloxi, Mississippi.

In all of these groups, more time was spent collecting, tracking and managing money than almost anything else.

About a year after graduating, Rich had to plan his brother's bachelor party, while Bill was trying to collect money to rent a ski house. When Rich had to keep a spreadsheet and send out constant reminders, and Bill had to open a separate bank account just to hold the money, they had finally had enough. They decided to build WePay – the easiest way for groups to collect, manage, and spend money.

Plan your next trip with the new flight schedule feature

As summer approaches, you may be considering taking a vacation. One of the first things you can do is go online and start looking for flights. In fact, the flight search is one of the most popular online activities, so to make it a little easier to find the search results related to travel, you can now see a quick summary of information law flight results page.

Check flight schedules on a route
If you have a particular destination in mind, you can now quickly find the airlines that serve the specific route they fly. For example, if you search for [flight from San Francisco to Minneapolis], you can find a selection of non-stop flights and companies that offer them. For a complete schedule, click on "List of non-stop flights."

Explore all destinations from an airport
You can also see all the destinations with nonstop flights from an airport. If you are in Buffalo, New York and need ideas for a weekend getaway, search for [cheap buffalo] to see the popular travel destinations in Buffalo. Clicking on "Show all non-stop routes, can get the complete list of destinations and from there you can click for more details of your flight.

This is currently available in 10 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Catalan.

With the closing of the acquisition ITA last month, we are eager to begin developing new flight search tools to make it easier for you to plan a trip. While this test flight times do not currently use ATI technology of search, this is just a small step towards richer information making travel easier to find, and we hope to help you search for flights online feel so easy, you feel like ... well, a vacation!

Google, Facebook loses patent ruling social network

Google and Facebook Inc. failed to win dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a company in New York in conjunction with software designed to enable people to participate in social networks through their mobile phones.

Wireless Ink Corp., which runs the Winksite service, you can make demands and mobile Buzz Facebook Google infringed its patents October 2009, USA District Judge Kevin Castel in Manhattan wrote in a statement issued on Friday.

The patent relates to a method to help new mobile phone users to create mobile web sites that other users can view records. Wireless Ink is seeking a halt to the alleged infringement, and compensatory damages and triple.

Jeremy Pitcock, a lawyer for Wireless Ink, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Facebook and Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

According to an amended complaint filed in December, the ink application wireless calls '983 patent was issued in January 2004.

He said it was three years before Facebook, the Web world's most popular social networks, launched its mobile website first, and six years before Google launched Buzz to compete with Facebook.

"If two of the richest in natural resources, smart companies patent and technologically advanced leader in Internet are not aware of the '983 patent, despite its potential ramifications on a significant segment of the business of the defendants," wrote Wireless Ink, this was solely due to deliberate indifference by defendants. "

Wireless Ink Winksite said there were over 75. 000 registered users, while Facebook Mobile has tens of millions of users, Google said that tens of millions of people have "checked Buzz" in the first two-day service.

In his ruling, said Castillo wireless ink "does not allege facts that are inconsistent with the existence of a viable claim." He also dismissed counterclaims seeking to invalidate the patent wireless printers.

Facebook is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and Google in Mountain View, California.

Already, analysts generally consider a failure Buzz Google. Google raises privacy issues if initially e-mail lists used in the accounts of Gmail users to create social networking Buzz. He later changed the settings so that the Gmail contacts are kept private by default.

Google launches its platform portfolio for NFC payments Jumpstart

Google launched its long spoken push into mobile payments with the introduction of a new payment platform called Google portfolio based on near field communication (NFC). The company said it will take-and-go payments via mobile phones equipped with NFC and payments will be partnering with Google offers to help retailers and traders to strengthen its ties with consumers.

Google said it has partnered with Citibank, MasterCard, Sprint and First Data for the digital wallet, which comes into immediate tests in San Francisco and New York, followed by a wider geographical spread of this summer. The executives stressed that the book is a first step in helping to boost the NFC technology and helping create an ecosystem that can build off of this platform.

The effort is limited at first because there is only one NFC Android phone model, the S Nexus, available today. And the only credit card that works is Citibank Mastercard, although Google is allowing PayPal and Google your own prepaid card that can store the payment of other accounts in the portfolio. And still have the cooperation of traders who need to buy POS hardware that can handle the MasterCard PayPass technology. Currently there are 120 thousand commercial establishments in the U.S. and 300,000 worldwide are currently able to handle the NFC Mastercard payments.

However, the move should give a strong impetus for NFC technology, which is turning a corner and as more manufacturers, operators, and other financial companies are increasing their efforts to harness technology for payments and offers. With Google now firmly supported by the technology, which can serve as an additional driver to catalyze the market.

New Gmail Widget Tells You All About the People You’re Emailing

Email is like a lot of people communicate with what they communicate. We thought it might be helpful to see relevant information in context, so for the next two weeks we are developing a new widget village located on the right side of your message. People widget content areas of family, friends and colleagues and is available to you, but can be difficult to find and makes it easier to connect with them.

Next to each email that you can now see background information on the people of that conversation, including recent e-mail messages you have received from them, Buzz relevant messages, shared documents and calendar events. It also has quick access to a variety of ways to communicate with people, start a group chat or to schedule a meeting with groups of people.

We hope that the widget people to improve the Gmail experience and are eager for you to try.

Children & Online Safety

The Internet did not come to most of today's parents until after they had spent their teenage years. Online behavior was something that can be addressed with the provision of an adult (though some chose not to do so.)

Their children, however, were born in a very different situation. It is not uncommon to see a iPad next to the crib, and 7.5 million children under 13 have profiles on Facebook.

If parents do not teach online safety, their children can not recognize online or reckless actions of their impact.

1. Understanding Internet Security Before Explain

Many adults are not experts on Internet users themselves. A 2010 study, for example, found that only 51% of the participants acknowledged that the ad companies often determine which ads are shown based on the history of websites visited before.

"Children are learning about all facets of social media online. It is happening much before," said Hilary DeCesare, CEO of Everloop between the social network. "It is parents who do not go together ... The real question is, how to teach children about something that does not feel comfortable with?"

2. Teach, do not rule

"We've always been on the side of education," says Godlis. "Teaching someone and they will learn and understand. They have the power to do the right thing."

"Children do not feel comfortable telling adults [about the problems they find online as cyber bullying] because they think they will get into trouble, or worse, they worry that they will take their privileges to use the Internet , "she says.

3. Consider the social networking age appropriate

Legally, children under 13 should not be on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. In The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act prevents sites gathering information from children without parental permission. Many children go through this law, even in places to play, simply by adjusting his birthday. But DeCesare says parents should be careful with social networking sites for adults.

"Facebook was never intended for children under 13 years," she says. "Children click on things. What could be a problem, not only friending people, but the malware that collect online. "

Most of these networks restrict the content and provide an element of parental supervision, either by alerting parents when something seems suspicious or ask them to approve certain actions, as new friends.

4. Monitor carefully

No matter your price range or parenting philosophy, there is a choice of appropriate software to monitor their children's safety online.

But Godlis cautions parents against the idea that the use of this service alone is sufficient.

"I think that filters and controls parents a false sense of security - as long as the filters are on, do not have to worry about," he says. "Certainly you can rely too much on it. Children are very smart and move around. They know how to use proxy servers and know how to do things that parents do not."

4 Legal considerations for creating a mobile application

Start with this list

Hide not the money factor. If your application has a charge associated with it - either as part of the initial purchase or within the application itself (for example, buying in-game content, accessories, etc), reveal that the initial point using language clear in the description. Apply a "dummy" test - that his notice of technology-challenged family member and read the disclosure, or is buried under miles of the terms and conditions?

Definitely not hide the money factor if your application is aimed at children. If you expect parents to download their free app but the children play it, consider whether the charges in the game to make sense from a business standpoint (weighed against the risks of parents claiming unauthorized charges for their children) . If there is a sound business reason for the options of loading the game, make sure you clearly and conspicuously disclose the potential costs upfront in the description.

Evaluate your drilling. Unless you are closely watching the courts and Congress may not have realized that the data user mobile applications bears his name. You must accurately assess user data is a collective application (intentional and unintentional) and why they are doing. Ask yourself these questions:

Does this mean the data collection's name, contact details or other personally identifiable information you or your contacts?
Does the application to gather information from the device location and / or a unique identifier per user or device?
Is there a business reason necessary for data collection and access?
Do you retain data for a period of time consistent with the reason that the collection?
Do you share that data with other parties (or allow others to access the data), and the parties may use the data to make a profile of users' personal identification?
If you answered yes to any of the foregoing, it should closely review how and whether the terms of its application to communicate that to the user and if the users understand the terms and consent to such use.

Legal jargon is bad. If you take care of everything identified above with a link to a long and repetitive terms and conditions privacy policy is mistaken. A boilerplate legalese does not insulate your business. The main question is if you clearly communicate the key terms - the same charges and personal data - the consumer so the consumer understood and accepted. That means ensuring that your application guides users through these key terms in a "just in time, so easy.

Skype Outage

Many users of Skype messaging and VoIP services are now in solitary confinement after the service was reduced for many users, with the cut in many cases, making Skype software to crash.

The company has released a solution that should allow customers to get back online crash, and plans to have an easier solution "soon", but so far has no explanation for the problems. Many users still complain of difficulties in Twitter, with occasional reports of problems, even after taking corrective action.

Skype recommended solution does not work for everyone
Most users seem to be affected, however, with about 26 million currently online.

Some wags are blaming the cuts on Microsoft's recently announced purchase of the company, but that simply is not true, the agreement is pending regulatory approval, and for the moment, businesses remain independent.

The problem, however, again raise questions about the desirability of acquiring Microsoft. Skype technology depends largely on point to point connectivity. This allowed to handle Skype at tens of millions of users simultaneously without having to invest in server capacity substantially. However, this also makes the service vulnerable to the problems that a more conventional client / server architecture as used by Messenger and Microsoft's own services would be immune Lync a. If a large number of Skype customers offline, either due to the mass, because Windows Update restarts or crashes due to widespread failures throughout the network client can fail.

3D HTML5 video shows up in Firefox

You can watch videos in 3D through HTML5 on YouTube starting today. The trick? This new role is limited to Firefox 4, and for people with a certain type of Nvidia graphics card.

YouTube currently hosts "several thousand" 3D videos to encode and play WebM formats, according to a blog post by Mozilla Director of Platform Product Management Chris Blizzard. Only people who have vision Nvidia 3D cards will be able to see videos in 3D, and only if they play in Firefox.

If you have the hardware 3D Vision, search YouTube for "yt3d" encoded videos showing 3D. You also need to configure the hardware 3D mode.

Full list of 3D HTML5 video on YouTube requirements:
• NVIDIA GeForce GPU-equipped PC or laptop
• driver NVIDIA GeForce Release 275 or more
• A 3D View Monitor Ready, laptop, projector or DLP HDTV
• NVIDIA 3D Vision emitter and glasses when using a PC monitor or laptop screen

Since the conditions mentioned above indicate, 3D HTML5 video on YouTube can only be seen by a small segment of the population surf the Web. However, the mere fact that the HTML5 video standards are still growing and the introduction of new skills, such as 3D announced today, indicates the potential that the HTML5 video is far from fully exploited. Given the continuous development and support for HTML 5 in the top 5 browsers, probably will not be long for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera to follow the example of Firefox here.

Ambigram Logos

An ambigram is a typographical design or art form that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint. It was described by Douglas R. Hofstadter as a “calligraphic design that manages to squeeze two different readings into the selfsame set of curves”. It’s hard to design but the result can be beautiful. Here are 10 of the most amazing ambigrams on the web

Beautiful ambigram for Paul, a freelance logo/identity designer from Lithuania.

This ambigram was designed by Raja Sandhu for Edgepoint Wealth Management Inc.

Awesome Industries
This ambigram is … awesome! Exactly what Mads Burcharth a.k.a. mabu had in mind.

Ambigram made by a 27yr old freelancer from the southend of Victoria, Australia called Josh Hayes.

Heavy Rotation
This is Julian Hrankov’s first ambigram and it looks great. He made it for Heavy Rotation, a booking agency for US Hip Hop and R’n'B artists.

Simple but effective ambigram by Miroslav Vujovic Graforidza.

Society 27
Ambigram for a leather bags company, designed by fourplus.

Love is … designing an ambigram for you wife. This one was designed by Kevin Burr from Ocular Ink.

Ambigram for Wachovia designed by Brian Risk.

Ambigram designed by John Langdon for Dan Brown’s book “Angels & Demons”.

WebP: 39.8% faster than JPEG

WebP: A new image format for the Web
WebP is a new image format that provides lossy compression for photographic images. In a large scale study of 900,000 web images, WebP images were 39.8% smaller than jpeg images of similar quality.
A WebP file consists of VP8 image data, and a container based on RIFF. The standalone libwebp library serves as a reference implementation for the WebP specification and is available at this git repository and as a tarball. Webmasters and web developers can use the WebP image format to create smaller and better looking images that can help make the web faster.
Did you know? WebP is pronounced "weppy".

How WebP works
WebP uses predictive coding to encode an image, the same methodology used by the VP8 video codec to compress keyframes in videos. Predictive coding uses the values in neighboring blocks of pixels to predict the values in a block, and then encodes only the difference (residual) between the actual values and the prediction.

The residuals typically contain many zero values, which can be compressed much more effectively. The residuals are then transformed, quantized and entropy-coded as usual. WebP also uses variable block sizes.

YouTube Blog: Thanks, YouTube community, for two BIG gifts on ou...

YouTube Blog: Thanks, YouTube community, for two BIG gifts on ou...: "In May 2005, the YouTube founders launched, providing people with a platform to broadcast themselves to the world. Six years on,..."

Building Brands Online

Everyone needs to get his name out there in the social web. For entrepreneurs, however, is an even more critical work. Social presence gives credibility to attract customers, partners and investors, making available and demonstration of his personality and experience.

Building your brand online in a meaningful way is not easy, and there are many tools available to get you on the right track. Next, we selected 10 test methods and highlighted some of the best web tools to help gain momentum for the brand in a crowded market online

1. Calls on the media

As quoted in news articles is an excellent way to demonstrate his authority. It's a free way to promote and demonstrate leadership. There are some great tools out there for journalists to connect with people looking to get an appointment.

HARO is an email newsletter that connects to the journalists and sources.
NewsBasis allows reporters to release stories.
FlackList is a Rolodex to help the media meet and maintain relationships with experts.
Media Kitty is a network that connects journalists with sources.
2. Custom short URL

Having your own custom URL shortening is a great way to get your name out there. If you often share links in Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, is very useful. Eric Ries is a good example. When you distribute a link, use your own shortened URL:

Here is an informative tutorial on setting up your own shortened URL.

3. Q & A

Share your knowledge of Q and A sites is a great way to build credibility around your name. There are very few places to choose from, so start with the one with the most buzz around it at the moment: the Quran. Robert Scoble has demonstrated the value of the site can provide. Having responded to more than 500 questions, which has built a track more than 22,000 people.

4. Profiles

Be present and active in social networks. It is crucial to set up profiles and use the sites to their professional benefit.

Here are some of the best places to establish their presence: personal landing page
Facebook page: A valuable way to stay connected with their fans
LinkedIn, a business network with complete resumes
Google Profiles: An important tool for high-ranking results in search
Twitter: A means to capture and spread their influence through the conversation
Disqus: Share your knowledge through the comments
5. Meetups

Participate in meetings in another excellent way to network and build influence. There are some good tools to find events in your area. Here are two to start with:

Meetup: Join groups that interest people then meet in person.
Plancast: You can view events that your friends will attend.
6. Social e-mail signatures

Turn your email signature in a social and informative experience. When the exchange of emails, all on the network will be able to find out more about you.

WiseStamp is a popular signature plugin that lets you create signatures elegant social icons, RSS feeds and more.

7. Guest Posting

Blog Search in your area of ​​expertise and pass them specific ideas for posts. Each blog has its own style and approach, so be sure to tailor their pitches to each outlet. Be willing to share samples of writing if requested, and be open to working with publishers to revise their message as necessary. Alltop and Technorati are good places to start looking for tapas links within their area of ​​specialization.

8. Ecards

Creating a virtual business card, making it easy for people to find and share information with others. There are many ways to do this:

MiniCard: Buy a domain name and create a place of business card-like.
QR Code: people scan the QR code only place in the delivery of cards full of text.
Twtbizcard: This site allows you to transform your Twitter profile in a business card.
Bump: This is an application that lets you blow phones together to connect with people.
9. Bulletin

Sending a monthly newsletter will allow you to create a wide network. If you share valuable content to subscribers, who then share with their friends - and offers new subscribers and fans. If you do a good job, your list will grow.

Some of the services most popular newsletter include:

MailChimp: A platform that is free newsletter to 2,000 subscribers
Small letters: A simple platform to create and distribute a newsletter
Aweber: Users rave about this payment service, which comes with many options for building your newsletter
For example, Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, interviews actions, products and expertise through its newsletter on Small Charter of the Foundation. A $ 3.99 per month is a bargain for readers who value their content.

10. Eat The Influencers

The opportunity to take a meal with other potentially influential persons within their reach. These days, it is easy to configure meals networks through online tools such as lunch or Let GrubWithUs.

That is a generator lunch lunch one-on-one meeting that matches people based on reputation, influence, and practical applications. At this time, only available to people in New York, Silicon Valley and San Francisco. GrubWithUs lets you connect with others in the group meals find or create it yourself.

Free Google eBooks

It's been nearly six months since Google released Google eBooks. Now, Google is pleased to report that more than three million free e-books available in the U.S. Google for your enjoyment and enlightenment (as opposed to over two million at launch). You can read the Google Books website free reader, through a free application from Google Books, or download them to your favorite compatible ereader.

To find Google's free e-books, click on "Free eBooks Google" in the left column to narrow your search through books or browse the best of the free bookshelf Google eBookstore.

Free ebooks are not the only thing on the rise ... At launch, there were just over 100 independent bookstores sell electronic books Google - there are now over 250. And while Google had just over 5. 000 eBooks participating publishers when Google first hit the cloud, Google now has more than 7,000 - an increase of 40% in a year. Last but not least, install the applications of Google Books for IOS, Android and Chrome have exceeded 2.5 million since December.

Microsoft’s Web-Based Marketplace to Send Apps to Windows Phones

When Microsoft launched its operating system handle your Windows 7 this fall, the company will launch a new web based version of its Windows Marketplace phone at the same time, according to Microsoft's Windows developers blog phone.
The Web-based marketplace allows users to select and purchase any of 17.000 platform applications in a web browser and then send them directly to their Windows phones over the air.

By clarifying the service to Engadget, Microsoft said it expects most customers to download applications for a phone with Windows through the air, but if the service market is not active in a cell phone, use SMS to activate the over-the-air application service before you download and install software.

Microsoft added that users also have the ability to send an email with a link to another application, but the company expects most users instead of letting the applications are installed on the bottom.

The operating system intended to handle mobile phones "smarter and easier", focusing on multitasking efficiency, integration of a cloud for more and better tools platform for developers.

Moscow Embraces Emoticons

This introduction may be a little rough because my Russian is Google Translate as far as I will. As a personal initiative Pereslegina architect and designer Alexander Nicholas Pershikova have launched their own brand for the city of Moscow without government involvement (or approval). And this is not just a proposal on a page Behance, this is a full-service brand to merchandise and memorabilia and hitting the streets of Moscow. The concept of the new logo is surprise + Smile = Wow.

This is a fun exercise for the brand because it is so unexpected, giving Moscow a flippant personality that is perfect for the times TXT'ing too. I do not think is most appropriate - perhaps too silly and aimed at young people - but it is a good way to change perceptions and expectations. The execution is quite good, with the big "O" s big enough to be dramatic, but not so large that they are clumsy. I certainly would have preferred anything but the typeface Gill Sans, but it will not. Clothing can be a bit unfortunate when the "O" s of the land around the nipples of the person making the unwanted attention of the assets, but maybe it's by design. Moscow, I have: Wow.

Nook Simple Touch Reader

Easiest to use 6” touchscreen
Most advanced E-Ink® display—crisp text, even in bright sun
Longest battery life—read up to 2 months on just 1 charge
Ultra-light and thin—under 8 ounces
Largest bookstore with more than 2 million titles—get them in seconds
Expert recommendations & fun social features

Easy to Use 6” Touchscreen
Just tap to shop for the best books, magazines and newspapers right on your NOOK. Turn pages, look up words, highlight passages, adjust the font size and style—all with just a touch of your finger.

Clear, Crisp Reading
The most advanced E Ink® Pearl technology on the high-contrast 6” touchscreen displays text as crisp and clear as a printed page, so you can read easily—even in bright sun. 50% more contrast than NOOK 1st Edition.

Ultra-Light, Ultra-Portable
Under 8 ounces, NOOK is lighter than a paperback and super thin, yet holds up to 1,000 books, magazines and newspapers—so it’s easy to take your entire library with you anywhere.

Longest Battery Life
With the longest battery life of any eReader, you can read for up to two months on just one charge. That’s enough time to start and finish a lot of great stories—or an entire series.

World’s Largest Bookstore
Over 2 million titles including books, magazines & newspapers —just a touch away! Thousands are FREE, most others $9.99 or less. Pre-order books and subscribe to magazines so you’ll get them the instant they’re released.

Read Your Way
Make the text bigger or smaller. (See demo) Choose the font style you like. You can even add bookmarks and highlight passages while you read.

Immersive Reading Experience
NOOK has 80% smoother page turns and minimized flashing compared to other eReaders—so it’s easy to lose yourself in your latest read. And with Fast Page™, you can scan easily through any book, magazine or newspaper. Just touch and hold the page turn buttons to get to where you want to read quickly.

NOOK FriendsTM
Connect with NOOK Friends™ to share and find new titles. See your friends’ favorites and what they're recommending. You can even swap books right from your NOOK with exclusive LendMe® technology.

Expert Recommendations
What to read next? Get recommendations from our expert Barnes & Noble booksellers. Browse top picks, bestseller lists and personalized suggestions based on the authors you love—right on your NOOK. In just a touch you can shop for the titles that you want—and start reading in seconds.

The Barnes & Noble PromiseTM: 40,000 booksellers ready to help
Whether it’s setting up your NOOK or recommending a great book, our expert booksellers are always just around the corner and ready to help.

Get More in Store™ with Your NOOK
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Borrow Public Library Books
Over 2 million NOOK Books not enough? Use your NOOK to borrow and read eBooks from your local library! Unlike other eReaders that restrict your reading, NOOK lets you borrow books in the universally accepted ePub format—so you can read what you want from your local public library.

On-Screen Keyboard
NOOK’s on-screen keyboard appears whenever you need it. Just touch and type to shop for a new read or find a title in your library.

Personalize Your NOOK
Choose one of our screensavers or upload your own pictures to make NOOK your own.

My NOOK™- Coming soon!
MY NOOK™ lets you access everything NOOK online, from any computer: Shopping, recommendations, your library, NOOK Friends™ and more. It’s a fast and easy way to manage it all, so your NOOK is always ready to go with great reads!

Stay Organized with "My Shelves"
Organizing your books couldn’t be easier in your NOOK library. Just like a bookcase, you can arrange books on shelves you name yourself – like putting cookbooks on one shelf and spy novels on another.

Free Wi-Fi®
NOOK connects via thousands of Wi-Fi® networks, including fast and free access at all Barnes & Noble stores and more than 20,000 AT&T® hotspots, like cafes, hotels and restaurants nationwide. So you can browse and shop for the latest books, magazines and newspapers from almost anywhere.

Read What You Love—Anywhere You Like
Like to read on your smart phone or computer? Our free NOOK Reading Apps let you do just that. So you can start a book on your NOOK at home and pick up where you left off wherever you go.

Carry Your NOOK in Style
A wide array of accessories, from fashion to function complete your NOOK experience. Covers, crafted from European bookcloth and full-grain Italian leather are designed to protect. Essentials, such as screen protectors, travel stands and power kits enhance your NOOK.

10 Powerful Web Typography Tools

Being one of the pillars of the aesthetics of web design, web typography, and now has advanced any professional web designer can be armed with various online tools. We all know the importance of typography and striking is how crucial it can be in terms of influence and the visual appearance of the website. Now designers can create their own sources and integrate easily with just glue some special code fragments or the use of existing pieces of CSS code. Embed the font so awesome definitely has never been easier than it is today.

1. PXtoEM
Size always matters especially when it will choose the appropriate font size for your new design. PXtoEM conversions calculated based on the font size of the body, offers special calculator for your needs and delivers custom CSS file for the style you have chosen.

* * *
2. Type Navigator
This is a source of visual search that helps identify unknown sources giving adequate information on the name of the source and sometimes even on the designer who created this video.

* * *
3. Typical flip
Typical flip is an original tool which offers the unique option to choose between different font styles by looking at all of them simultaneously on a single page. Just put the text in the box on a header and make the right choice.

* * *

4. Wordle
font Wordle tool is a great toy for creative people who are going crazy about "word clouds." By using this service you can compose unique clouds using different styles, fonts and colors. You can use images created in any shape you want - no restrictions.

* * *
5. Compound CSS
Just type any text in the box on the left and play with the settings until you get a result that satisfies. The right box shows a CSS snippet that is behind every variant of the configuration.

* * *
6. Fontifier
Fontifier be a great solution for those who love hand-written sources. Now you can import your own hand in the web sources, using this generator handwritten sources.

* * *
7. Typetester
Typetester offers a unique opportunity to compare different fonts on a page. You can also change the options such as color, size, floor space, alignment, etc.

* * *
8. Font Tester
Here is another great online tool for web designers called Font Tester. You can view and compare various sources and apply different CSS properties to find the best solution.

* * *
9. FontStruct
This one here is a free online tool supply capacity based on the network system. The final product will be delivered to you as True Type fonts that you can use both Mac and PC.

* * *
10. BitFontMaker
BitFontMaker is a simple online service for creating fonts. You can edit existing fonts, create your own from scratch and so on. This pixel font editor that allows a preview of their work during the process without problems.

Gallerise WordPress Theme

Gallerise WordPress Theme was created to make it easy to publish and promote your graphic design or development business, and has been tailored specifically for graphic design or development agencies or designer portfolios.

Gallerise WordPress Theme Features:

- Unlimited Sidebars
- 2 Amazing Sliders
- 9 Color Skins
- Shortcode Generator
- Custom Widgets
- Newsletter Signup Form Included
- Newsletter Sender Included
- Testimonails Widget
- Latest Tweet Feed
- Contact Form Included
- Theme Update Checker

Hot Trends in Web Development

What makes the job of web developers, challenging and exciting at the same time are constantly changing trends! With the exponentially increasing popularity of mobile Internet surfing and strong user base of social media sites, the latest design and development trends seem to be heading for functional, less busy, and with large logos and images funds web sites that incorporate the latest web development technologies as well. These are the top ten web development trends for 2011:
HTML 5 - with most modern Web browsers HTML5 ready, many web designers and developers were quick to identify the opportunities offered by the latest revision of HTML.


The latest version of the CSS technology has come up with some interesting new features such as shadow box, pictures of the border, border radius, multi-column layout, various backgrounds, text shadow, opacity setting, and flexibility of resources that enable designers and developers to create designs powerful and flexible.

Server-side JavaScript

Using server-side JavaScript, JavaScript has been purely based on the client for a long time, but with the help of some new technologies such as node.js, creating more powerful and scalable applications server-side JavaScript is now a real possibility.
Parallax Scrolling

A technique began in the 80's, is now finding its way in recent web designs. It creates the illusion of a 3-dimensional space and when used properly, can provide web design, an impressive depth.


Using social network aggregators to maintain an electronic "newspaper" that allows users to track and monitor the movements of particular web page in some of the best social media sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook, is definitely becoming a trend.
Touch screen designs easier

Because some desktops, all smart phones and many mobile phones come with touch screens, the latest designs gradually eliminating mouse-friendly features such as hyperlink only displays and menus, and designers are the optimization of web sites for browsing fingertips.

Better Security

Thus there is no secret that the economic slowdown has led to an increase in online fraud attempts, and the latest web development trends are clearly steering in the direction of better fraud prevention.
Photo backgrounds

Although no new funds are making a comeback Photography using high-resolution images that can give a stylish design with a fresh and modern look.

Mobile Commerce

Also known as M-commerce or mobile commerce is the mobile version of e-commerce and enables users to shop on the road. It provides for immediate purchase ringtones, games, wallpapers, vouchers, coupons and tickets as well as various information and subscription services.
There are many great trends we've left out, but certainly worth exploring and some of them are the increasing use of NoSQL, development of technologies that provide for ease of deployment and scalability, networks of JavaScript, and thumbnail and quick response (QR) design.

GoFlex Satellite™ Mobile Wireless Storage

Take your media library with you. Stream it to your iPad®.

Take more than 300 HD movies on-the-go1
Stream media over Wi-Fi to 3 iPads at the same time
Automatically sync media and documents from your PC or Mac® computer
Up to 5 hours battery life2

Your media library, as mobile as your iPad

The GoFlex Satellite device goes wherever your iPad goes and lets you wirelessly access all your movies, photos, music and documents. No more worrying about running out of space on your iPad.

500GB of storage capacity
Up to 5 hours battery life2
Up to 25 hours standby time2

Three different HD movies. Three different iPads—all at the same time

Everyone in the family can wirelessly access the hundreds of movies you load on the GoFlex Satellite device.

Stream to almost any Wi-Fi enabled device using a web browser or the free app optimized for iPad

Works with tablets and smartphones too

Stream to almost any device that has Wi-Fi connectivity and a web browser–including laptops, Android® phones and tablets, iPhone®, iPod Touch® and more.

Flexibility is built in

The GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage device is part of the Seagate® GoFlex® Storage System. This innovative system makes it incredibly easy to upgrade or change the interface on your GoFlex Satellite device, so you can always get optimal transfer speeds when loading and syncing your media.

Includes USB 3.0 connectivity for fast data transfers (fully compatible with USB 2.0)3
Other available interfaces include FireWire® 800 and powered eSATA (sold separately)

Load media from both PC and Mac® computers

Simply plug the GoFlex Satellite device into your PC or Mac computer to quickly sync your media library.

System Requirements

iPad, smartphone, tablet or computer with a web browser and Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11 b/g/n)
PC or Mac computer running Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP or Mac OS® 10.5.8 or later operating system for loading media on to GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage device via USB
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port (required for USB 3.0 transfer speeds) or USB 2.0 port