Soundcloud - Your Sound, At the Heart

SoundCloud is a platform that puts your sound at the heart of communities, websites and even apps. Watch conversations, connections and social experiences happen, with your sound as the spark.

Upload or Record
Whether it's a quick sketch or a polished symphony, upload or record your originally-created sounds effortlessly to SoundCloud in a few clicks. We'll deal with pretty much any audio format so you don't have to worry about that.
The Waveform
See the shape of your sounds with the unique SoundCloud waveform player that visualizes your sounds and makes them good looking and playable too. Now your sounds are ready to get truly social.

Timed comments
Timed comments let your friends and fans give you valuable feedback at specific moments throughout the waveform. Pinpoint exactly what's working well and start a conversation around it.


Thinglink, a provider of image interaction tools, changes how people interact with photos by transforming them into a navigational surface for search, commerce, and social connection.

Thinglink technology lets businesses and consumers connect their images to anywhere on the Internet. 90+ billion photos online offer rich opportunities for in-image links to engaging user experiences that will transform how we interact with images.

No ads, no limits!

We don't clutter your tags with ads.

Tag anything you like, such as: people, things, links to other sites and music!
Reliable and safe

We handle your large loads of queries efficiently and reliably.
Powerful tag editor

Tag images right from your own web site!
Earn money

Make money with tags by using the Amazon Associates program.
Fits your own design

Our clean lined tag design will not take the focus from your own site.
Works on mobile and tablets

Thinglinks can be seen on modern mobile devices and tablets, such as iPad and iPhone.
Play music from tags

With SoundCloud tags, you can play music and sounds right from tags on imags.
It's free!

We are committed to keeping the standard version of Thinglink free for our users.
Easy to setup

Use your Facebook account and follow the step-by-step instructions.
Weekly statistics via email
Twitter and Facebook

Easy sharing of images on social web sites.
We support your blogging tool

Super-easy setup for Wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr -users. Works on other blogging platforms too!
Image copying

Users can copy images from your site with tags to their own site.
(Almost) instant support

Get help on how to use Thinglink on our support forum.
Make public images

You can let others tag your images by making them public!
Real-time analytics

Tune your campaigns and tags with tag statistics that update in real time.