Google +1 Button Now Shares Directly to Google+

Google has updated the button 1 with several new features, including the ability to directly share a website for Google +. "From today, we are making it easier for Google + users to share web pages with their circles, straight from the 1 button," said Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra Social Google in a blog. "Only one page, as usual and look for 'Share on Google +" the new option. From there you can comment, choose a circle and share. "

In the past, clicking on the button in a single shared the contents of a tab in a user profile + Google. This is in contrast to the button as Facebook, which published an article on the Facebook wall of a user. Now that Google has its own social network, the search giant can match the functionality of Facebook button.

Google also announced the addition of the button bits + 1. A fragment of + is simply the link, the image and complete description when you share a link with Google +. These fragments + make the content more attractive Google + social network, so the search giant is offering publishers the ability to customize their fragments. Publishers can customize the code of a button to set what is shown in a snippet +.

Google says that a button has grown rapidly since its introduction in June. The button is now integrated in over 1 million web sites, for a total of 4 million hits a day. Those are impressive numbers, but the success or failure of the 1 key will be measured in clicks, not views.

AmazonLocal Daily Deals Service Comes to New York

AmazonLocal, daily online store offers, goes to the city of New York.
Amazon will begin offering daily specials in the coming weeks to customers in four regions - Downtown, Midtown and Uptown Manhattan and Brooklyn. A first time are 50% off tickets last Cirque du Soleil, Zarkana in the center, $ 13 for 27 the value of cupcakes in Brooklyn cupcake and $ 15 to $ 30 in purchases Upper East Side Gristede any supermarket. (Upper West Sides Upper East and are considered "Uptown").

In the coming months, Amazon plans to offer web site offers members as well, including $ 25 to $ 50 to spend on jewelry and watches at Amazon and $ 25 to $ 50 to spend on

Entry to New York comes after Amazon launched AmazonLocal in Boise, Idaho, in June. AmazonLocal is now in 30 locations, including San Francisco, Charlotte, North Carolina, Austin, Texas, and Orlando, Florida. Amazon is also an investor in and launched a promotion LivingSocial very effective in January to offer a card for $ 20 Amazon gift for $ 10.

Mike George, vice president of AmazonLocal Mashable says the market is large enough for several players. "I do not necessarily believe that there will be a winner in this space," he says. "There is an enormous amount of invention going on."

Buffer helps you build a tweet queue and spreads out your updates over time

You know what kind of Twitter that publishes 10 tweets in 10 minutes? Not their fault, say the founders of buffer. Twitter just created inefficient for people who are not surfing the Internet all day, but prefer to read in chunks. "When you read things is not necessarily the best time to share", co-founder of buffer Widrich Leonhard says. "You want to read it, and do not necessarily want to participate immediately in a conversation. Maybe it's night and nobody sees your tweets."

To resolve this problem, Widrich and co-founder Joel Gascoigne has created a simple solution. Buffer is a tool that helps users create a queue of tweets, and you are reading, and then organizes the tweets to hit its channels throughout the day.

According to the analysis of the implementation of a sample of 2. 000 users, on average Buffer clickthrough rates increased in tweets by 200% in the first three weeks of the inscription - probably because Twitter more often and at times of the day when more people are using Twitter .

What makes it worth Buffer is that you never have to visit the website actually. Has extensions for all major browsers allow users to add tweets directly from the page you want to share, add a button option next Twitter response retweets saving to a queue (this feature is limited to the extent of Chrome) and is making efforts to integrate with the readers.

"If we have the best algorithm, but is only a web control panel and you should always go there and put in their tweets, that will be very difficult for you," says Widrich. "But if this is where you go if you're in your reader ... that will make the exchange of experiences to be much easier. "

Twitter recently Strawberryj reader. I put a button in the application buffer. Buffer hopes to have a public API ready next month, so that other services can do something similar. Services rather than adding buffer, the more difficult for a Twitter client (or Twitter itself) to crush the launch by simply creating a similar function.

"We do not want to be a customer, you really only want the experience of sharing in social networks and improve that."

Current buffer is the only income source of their premium accounts, allowing more than one Twitter account and a larger tail Twitter. Of about 30,000 users of the launch, about 2.5% made its paid version.