Microsoft Snip will offer screenshots on Windows with music and scribbles

Microsoft has introduced a new beta app called Snip, which aims to ease the process of taking screenshots on touch-enabled screens for Windows computers. Once installed, the app not only takes screenshots, but will also annotate it and add music to it as well.
The new beta tool can be installed on Windows 7 and Windows 10 from here. Microsoft Snip will float on the screen so that one can quickly take a screenshot of the screen or a particular area, as and when required.
This office tool captures are mostly copied automatically to the clipboard but, if one adds audio to it, it will automatically get transformed  into an MP4 file that can be embedded on websites or viewed from a URL. However, the beta app is said to be a little ‘buggy’ as of now but there is scope for improvement.
Most people will be familiar with ‘Snipping Tool’ which is already present on Windows but the new enhanced Microsoft Snip is said to be a leap forward. The app, which is a smarter variant of the Snipping Tool, enhances screenshots and makes them easier to share or doodle over them too. The report points out that there are a variety of screenshot and screen capture tools for Windows but most of them are not free.