One Million Registered Twitter Apps

Application developers have a key role in helping people get the most out of Twitter. As an ecosystem that has just crossed one million registered applications built by more than 750,000 developers worldwide. This represents an increase of 150,000 applications a year ago. A new application has registered every 1.5 seconds, pushing up the growth of the ecosystem in the areas of analysis, conservation and editor tools. Investors and companies are taking note. Since December 2010, more than $ 500 million has been invested in companies in the ecosystem, and more than one billion dollars has been paid in acquisitions. This level of investment is indicative of the opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs to create successful businesses as part of the Twitter platform.

Applications help understand and make the most of Twitter, whether they are on the web, mobile, and even watch television. A few examples:

• Mass Relevance combed through more than 160,000 Tweets to take first White House City Hall Twitter to life, but the curators of content in real time and display.
• Trendrr evaluated the feeling of tweets about sci-fi thriller Super8 film to measure the blockbuster $ 38 million opening weekend.
• Datasift just announced $ 6 million in new funding today for the work they do to hose Twitter accessible to any developer.
• created an iPhone Poptweets addictive trivia game that challenges players to match Tweets with famous people who told them.
• Radian6 became instruments of supervision of the mark in a thriving business and was recently acquired by Salesforce for $ 326 million.

Twitter entire team is committed to investing in the ecosystem, listening to developers and allowing them the tools and information. Today we are introducing a new Twitter site for developers, where anyone in the ecosystem can start building with Twitter, connect directly with the Twitter team members to exchange ideas with other developers and find all the resources they need to create your own product or business.