Tips for Better Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are an increasingly common for people to discuss a subject line or passion. Basically, a group organized around a specific hashtag so people can follow a single thread of conversation on Twitter. Now there are hundreds if not thousands of newspapers Twitter chats going on, and for good reason. It is an easy, low-commitment way to participate in a conversation with others in your industry. It is also a great way to network and get new ideas.

1. Be clear about your goals entering the Chat

Some say there are too many Twitter conversations. How to create a new (rather than join existing ones) to help you or your company? When I spoke with the creators of a successful chat # wjchat, blogchat #, # and # smmeasure u30pro, said some of the wide-ranging benefits of doing things right. For a company that can position itself as a thought leader and grow brand awareness. For a person who can help you meet people in your industry and grow your personal brand.

However, it is not something to take lightly. You'll have to put in the time before we see serious results. If you're in business, be sure to talk about what success looks like before you begin your talk. Consider parameters such as number of participants, mentions of the brand, the feeling of mentions, and generating leads.

2. Choose a topic Care About People

How do you know if people care about your chat? That should already be discussed informally. "It is better to build a twitter chat about a topic of interest that is directly related to your brand," said David Spinks, creator of the # u30pro a Twitter chat for young professionals. "In the end, participants will interact even chat to your brand because you are that organized.

3. Being authentic

"The key to the true scope and success is to be authentic," said Robert Hernandez, founder of # wjchat. "# Wjchat is something organic and is a passion shared by others. ... If you have a topic you're passionate about, there may be others looking to connect with you." Do not do it just because you think you are supposed to. Do it if you are really looking for a way to participate and communicate with the community. Use that passion to continue the chat when you start slowly. Spinks says # first talk u30pro only had seven people and 150 tweets. Today, the typical conversation includes 150 people and 1,200 tweets. Maintaining participation and the right people and the community must find.

4. Choose a schedule and be consistent

Most Twitter chats occur once a week for an hour, but if you're starting, you may consider a chat biweekly or monthly, rather than because it is easier to add sessions to try to reduce consumption. Sheldon Levine at No. smmeasure said if I had to start over, could have done # smmeasure one every two weeks (instead of weekly) chat, simply because the time commitment involved. Mack Collier points # blogchat the importance of choosing a time that works for you and your audience. You want people to have time to join your chat. Collier suggested that "either in the middle of the day around lunchtime or in the central night around 7 or 8 hours."

5. Plan, but remain flexible

Most have a Twitter chat now approach each week. The aim is to facilitate the conversation without on the road or let go of the hands (easier said than done). "Also note that a Twitter chat for your brand will be another way for customers to express their grievances," says Spinks. "Chats Twitter move fast and can get out of hand quickly. It is in real time to the maximum." Prepare to almost every question up. If you are a business, make sure the person running the chat is someone who can speak on behalf of the company.

6. Bringing Thought Leaders

Do not be afraid to involve others, if you need a partner to develop and plan the chat room (# u30pro is operated by a team of four), or large "speakers" invited to help carry in public. Twitter chats are successful because the people in them. Do what you can to make the big people involved, especially when you're starting.

7. Thanks to those involved

If people take the time to participate with their talk, take a moment to thank them individually or in the chat itself. Collier has found great success following this strategy. "These are your rock stars, and should be treated as such," he said. "That just give them more incentives to spread the word and help you grow your community."

Laptops Powered by Typing

Australian researchers have discovered a way to harness the energy we use when writing to power a laptop. Using piezoelectricity, this method works similarly to cigarette lighters to create a spark when it strikes a piezoelectric crystal.

To power a laptop, however, a much thinner film of piezoelectric material that has to be developed using nanotechnology. It's so thin, that can be covered in various electronic components and integrated into a variety of widgets.

The idea of ​​eternal battery is amazing. Scientists are also looking for ways to feed the touch screen devices with piezoelectric film, putting everything you swipe and energy to good use.

Harry Potter online world

The long-awaited Harry Potter in digital format is coming to an end. The author JK Rowling has announced that its series, will finally be available as e-books. Although prices have not been revealed, the titles will be available in a new online world built around a series called Pottermore, which also unveiled today. To say that the Harry Potter series has become an international mega-success would be an understatement. Some 450 million Harry Potter books have sold worldwide since the first of seven novels published in 1997. The series has also broken box office records with seven theatrical releases and an end next July.

Besides being the exclusive home of Harry Potter e-books, Pottermore is a place where fans can interact with others and events in the books. After signing up for the free dive site, fans can "visit Diagon Alley, they fall in a house, cast spells and potions to help blend the house to compete for the House Cup."
Rowling said she has new material that will make its way to Pottermore.
"I wanted to give something back to fans who have followed Harry with such devotion in recent years, and the stories of a new digital generation," Rowling said in a statement. "As I have contributed to the site, all others can join by submitting their own comments, pictures and other content in a safe and enjoyable - Pottermore has been designed as a place to share stories with your friends as you travel through the site. "
Pottermore be launched to all muggles - non-magical humans - in October. However, those who want to come and help shape the site before then you can try to do so when registration opens July 31. The first 1 million people successfully "follow the owl," as Rowling teases, you win the right to enter the home page.