Google+ Traffic Falls

After a slow start, the growth of Google + 's can be slowed down a bit. A report by Experian Hitwise found both traffic and average user time on social networking fell last week in the U.S. Total visits to Google + was reduced by 3% to 1.79 million in the U.S. for the week ended July 23 compared with the last seven days, according to research firm. The site received 1.86 million visits last week. Average time on site was 10%, 5 minutes, 50 seconds and 5 minutes, 15 seconds.

Matt Tatham, a representative of Experian Hitwise, was careful not to overstate the results. "This is a great fall," he says. The company extrapolates its figures from data provider of the Internet and an opt-in panel of around 2.5 million users.

The report comes after the Google traffic + 's enjoyed a steady climb since its debut June 28. Last week, comScore reported that the network reaches 20 million unique visitors. Some were so enamored with Google + that closed their Facebook accounts and moved all its activities to the new network.

Free 100 GB Cloud Storage

Symform, a business-oriented provider once cloud storage, announced today that it is offering consumers in general, 100 GB of online storage for free. Given the fact that most other online storage services offer only 2 GB or 3 GB for free, this seems a good deal.
However, as there is no such thing as a free lunch, this huge amount of online storage comes with a trap, possibly even larger. In order to get the "free" online storage, you must contribute 150GB of local storage on a device that is always in a home network connected to broadband.

Symform This is because, as he claims, is the first company to break with the traditional data storage center of the cloud. Instead, use a technology called RAID-96 for geographically distributed, encrypt and store your data.
In simple terms, this means that the stored data through the service Symform divides and replicates in 96 pieces that are distributed in 96 different teams over the Internet. In addition to providing redundancy, the company says this allows uploads and downloads up to 50 times faster than is obtained with a centralized data center. Symform According to the data stored in distributed teams is encrypted and therefore can not be accessed by local users, but only those with authorization.
The idea of ​​local trade storage online storage is not new and has been offered by Wuala long. While this is good, definitely not free. Especially when you have to trade local storage 150GB for only 100 GB of online storage. On top of giving local storage, users will also have to offer in terms of equipment, electricity and broadband connection, which may come with a monthly data cap.