Spotify finally to launch in US

Do not look now, but the Spotify music service will be available to U.S. residents from Thursday 14 July. The company announced its ... expected the announcement Wednesday, saying it would provide more details on its U.S. offer at 8 am EDT Thursday. The company is currently accepting requests for invitations on their website.

Spotify streaming music subscription service and has been popular among many of our friends in Europe since its launch in late 2008 and has been targeted for a launch in the U.S. for almost all the time. (The sister site Wired spoke highly of Spotify in 2009, described as "a magical version of iTunes which has already bought all the songs in the world.")

The robbery at the U.S. launch was apparently due to licensing issues with record labels, most of the news cycle related Spotify in recent months has been made of the rumors about Spotify sign agreements with the label or another. Even in Europe, Spotify has clashed a bit with the labels, which led the company to cut some free music offerings due to alleged pressure from the music industry.

Now the day has finally arrived or will arrive tomorrow, that is, those in the U.S. to find out why people in Europe seem to love Spotify much. Because Spotify chose not actually announce details when sending their public relations e-mails, however, no further information available yet on what may or may not be included in the service. This is what is currently available in the UK, however, three levels of Spotify is unlimited and free and premium muisc. Freedom of level allows you to stream music 10 hours per month with the announcements and play music unlimited local, while the level of the unlimited offers unlimited ad-free streams, and the premium level offers all that way, more in line and access from your mobile phone. We can only assume that the service structure is the same for U.S. customersBut we have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out.

Twitter for Android

Today twitter launched the latest version of Twitter for Android. It includes some of the most requested features from twitter users. First, twitter now offer push notifications. Allows you to receive push notifications Twitter updates instantly - no matter what you're doing in your phone. In setting up your account, select "automatic update" and choose to receive updates direct messages, @ references (people who follow or anyone), and tweets.

Now you can also use multiple accounts on Twitter for Android without having to leave the session. It's easy to go from one account to discover and share what's happening in the world. In addition, we have updated the look of the home screen widgets and added a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes.

You can download this updated version of Twitter for Android Android Market now.