Google launches search tool hotel room price data

Hotel Finder Google has launched an experimental search tool, which allows the user to define the key housing preferences in the hope of finding the perfect hotel for your travel needs.
Users input their preferred location, dates, prices and details, and the Finder hotel offers their key recommendations in a list or on a Google Map. At the moment only available in the U.S.

This is how Google aims to improve the hotel with this hunting tool:

Find the perfect place. If you're not local, can be difficult to determine in which area of ​​a city must remain inside the hotel search highlights the popular areas of the map results. Google calls this the "tourist center" and is used to determine an optimal zone for you to stay in shape in this area can be adjusted to focus on a smaller area. This is useful if you have a difficult destination in mind, such as along the Hudson River or near Times Square.
Doing good business: Users can choose a price range to search within, and compare the historical price data of the hotel on the current trading price. Clicking on one will cost hotel room at night and how it compares to the previous prices. Google calculates what percentage of the cost is above or below normal. Bargain hunters, start your engines.
Comparing hotels: Hotel Finder simplifies comparative shopping. When users click on a hotel, all the details of your pop-up, including photos, comments, Google Sites, prices and other information. Quickly flip through the results by using keyboard shortcuts ("J" and "K") within the list view - a feature also found in Google Reader and Google News.
Make a list: Users can create a list of hotels that would like to compare more. These results are marked with a red dot in the view Google Maps, and appear at the top of the page in the list view.
Click the "BOOK" button in any view and a list of external options are displayed. Clicking a backup option that stops at the site - such as Priceline or Expedia - in a new tab.

Twitter to Add Parental Controls to Tweet Links

Twitter has added a flag so the tweets links as "potentially significant". The company announced on Thursday that a new field in the Twitter API to display streaming whenever a tweet containing a link, giving users the option of Twitter warned before you click links that might be too sensitive to the workplace, or for tender ears and eyes. The new feature does not work yet, but the developers of Twitter is reported to be newly added and is now being tested. According to Twitter representative of Taylor Singletary, "In the future, we will have a family of API methods and additional fields for handling 'adjustments media" end user and the possible sensitive content. "

According to Gizmodo, Twitter representatives say the company does not intend to censor material. However, according to the policy document of the media of Twitter, the company will "remove the media that may be considered sensitive such as nudity, violence or medical procedures."

In the ad, Singletary encouraged those who were curious about how this capability will ultimately be used to read the policy document means.

For us, this seems to be a feature for a long time, giving users the ability to control the content that they or their children are exposed, allowing them to use Twitter without fear of an unpleasant surprise when you click a inappropriate link.