Apple Launches iCloud Beta

Apple has introduced the beta version of icloud, the company's new suite of streaming media and cloud-based services.
The new beta, available to all users with an Apple ID (update: some of our readers are having trouble accessing icloud with Leon), has Web version of Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone and iWork. They are accessible if you visit during use IOS 5 (available for developers of Apple) or Mac OS X Lion. Does not include Apple cloud services including music from iTunes.

Apple also unveiled the pricing structure icloud. The first 5GB of storage in the service are free. In addition, a 10 GB will cost $ 20, 20 GB will cost $ 40 and 50GB will cost $ 100. It is much more expensive than Amazon Cloud Drive, which offers 20 GB of space for $ 20 and allows users to store an unlimited amount of music for free.

We're playing with the beta icloud now, while we will have more to report, our initial conclusion is that beta icloud is a modified version of MobileMe. Includes similar interfaces, which is not a surprise. The addition of support iWork is a welcome addition, though, as is the simple and universal interface for all services in the cloud of Apple.

We have taken some screenshots of the beta and embedded beneath them. Take a look, and let us know what you think of the beta icloud in the comments.

Skype for iPad

Skype has launched its official iPhone application store IOS application, with its live video service to 3G and Wi-Fi data connections.
Skype for iPhone, which has begun the deployment of applications in stores around the world, expands the features of the application for the iPhone, thanks to more screen space of the real iPhone. The iPhone has all the features you would expect: video chat, instant messaging, phone calls and quick access to your contacts. Unlike the IPhO application, instant messaging can be used for video calls.

The Skype application works with the iPad iPad 1 and 2, although the iPhone can only receive a video, as expected. The iPad Skype can call anyone on Skype, either on the desktop or device IOS. Requires IOS 4.0 or higher.

Square handes $4 million daily in mobile payments

Square rival PayPal Mobile payment has said that now processes approximately $ 4 million per day in mobile payments, $ 1 million more than the announced deadline handlers at the end of May.
Square sailed clear beyond any shadow of a nasty shock started by the CEO of VeriFone competitor, Doug Bergeron, and answered by the CEO of Square and co-founder, Jack Dorsey questioned the security of attachment reading Square credit card for mobile devices.

Instead, the numbers reflect a rise fastest growing development of the square, a place that has been driven by strong investment in late April Visa. A recent round of funding of $ 100 million has been extended to payments of setting up a valuation of $ 1 billion.
Despite the significant recovery of the particular seat, and the rest of the mobile payments market has a long way to go. To put into perspective the payments, credit card companies process thousands of millions of dollars in payments on a given day, and mobile payments - still a nascent but rapidly growing part of the industry - can hope to assemble a small percentage of total credit card business this year.