Google+ Photos to Shutdown on 1 August

Google+ Photos is shutting down on 1 August, announced Google. The Android version of Google+ Photos will pulled down starting 1 August, followed by the web and iOS versions, to make an entrance for the standalone Google Photos app that was introduced in May. It’s time to make the switch to new Photos App for those users still using Google+ Photos.

Users will begin to see a prompt in Google+ Photos on Android asking them to download the new Photos app. Once you make the switch, all photos and videos will be saved in the new app. So you don’t have to worry about your photos. All your photos and videos will be saved and available after you switch to the new, stand-alone Google Photos app. With the new app you’ll still be able to backup, edit, and share your photos and videos, with unlimited storage, automatic organization, and more. For those who don’t update to the new Google Photos, Google+ Photos on Android will soon stop working. However, your photos and videos will still remain safely stored and available via or for export using Google Takeout.

The new standalone Photos app was announced at Google I/O 2015 developers conference on May 28. The show-stopping feature was the ability to support unlimited photos and video storage.