Founder of Twitpic Noah Everett Arrested - @noaheverett

Twitpic founder Noah Everett (who has 2.8 million followers) tweeted that he was getting arrested and in the back of a cop car. To prove it, Everett decided to tweet a picture from the back of the cop car.

We can’t independently confirm what he was arrested for yet, or if he even was arrested. If true though, Everett has taken oversharing to a whole new level.

MasterCard taken over by hackers in support of Wikileaks

Hackers have attacked MasterCard website in protest against the blockade of the company Wikileaks. "! down, that's what you get when you mess with @ @ wikileaks Anon_Central and enter the community of individuals lulz love: D" wrote @ ibomhacktivist, which seems to be related to the anonymous hacker collective. While MasterCard's site is online, there are reports that he was completely disconnected at one point because of the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).

In December 2010, hackers got Mastercard website, along with Postfinance and PayPal, for exactly the same reason: block WikiLeaks.

Shortly after the attack on MasterCard, Wikileaks acknowledged in his official Twitter account that many banks still do business with the organization. "The illegal blockade against WikiLeaks bank in the sixth month: The culprits: VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Bank of America, Western Union, "said tweet.

LulzSec, the group of hackers that wreaked havoc on corporate websites and government in the past two months, recently disbanded. However, the group Anonymous hacktivist vowed to continue his hacking activities, and we can see evidence that they were not kidding.

How To Get Customer Feedback Online

Successful business owners know that no matter how busy you are, it is important to take time to get feedback from customers. Understanding what your customers think about their products and services can not only help improve quality, but can also give ideas on what new products and services their customers want so you can diversify their offerings.

While information was limited to a suggestion box or form on their website, there are now many low-cost approaches to obtain customer information and take the pulse of the customers. Here are four easy ways to make customer feedback an integral part of your business.

1. Conduct an online survey

If you have email addresses for their clients, conducting an online survey can be a great way to get variety of different opinions in a short period of time.

One of the most popular tools for online surveys is SurveyMonkey, whose low-cost, Web-based survey solutions are a natural fit for small businesses on a budget.

2. Create an online customer community

All businesses thrive in the comments, but some are more distant from direct experience and contributions of its customers. And according to Thor Muller, co-founder and CTO of Get Satisfaction, "these are the companies that are absolutely essential to have a constant flow of information."

3. Feedback Forum Use Organized

Another approach to obtain customer feedback on an ongoing basis is an opinion forum organized as UserVoice. Simple UserVoice hosted forums and widgets allow customers to submit and vote on ideas for the company, which then can become a priority list of feedback. You can also use the product to communicate with users when the ideas that have voted to be acted upon. And because UserVoice offers a free version of the product, any company with an online presence and an interest in the continuous feedback can provide a forum for comments.

4. Ask for feedback on Facebook and Twitter

Of course, if you are looking for quick customer reviews, obtaining this information can be as simple as posting a question or a survey on your Facebook wall or via Twitter - you can use this method to get quick ideas for new products, new brand or new store locations or business lines.

How to Get Facebook Users to Like Your Page

Properly managed, your Facebook page can quickly become second home for your business on the web, both in how well it takes on Google and the frequency with which it is accessed by its customers and the public.

Because their customers are already on Facebook (spend an average of 25-30 minutes each day on the site), which are significantly more likely to see messages from your brand within your News Feed that do often return to visit their website or any other means on their own initiative.

As fans engage with your page commenting, taste or content exchange, the brand awareness extends to the friends of that person, helping you to reach more customers. Once a user granted permission to contact them by the friendliness of its website, the market may continue for infinity, essentially for free.

The following ten tips for unpaid Favorites:

Username sure your page
Create a custom landing page
As incentives for participation in competitions
Install a box like on your website
Take advantage of the database and contacts
Suggest your existing Facebook friends page
Promote your Facebook page everywhere
Do not ignore your Biggest Fans
Update, Listen and Participate