Facebook Hits 750 Million Users

Facebook has officially beaten the 750 million users, says Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook CEO down that statistic a Facebook event for which is expected to announce a platform Skype video chat engine.

Zuckerberg said that Facebook does not disclose these statistics separately, because the team does not think the public is important to have more.

MySpace Released Skype-Powered Calls … In 2007

MySpace will offer members of its popular Internet telephone calls social networking with a new feature based on eBay Inc. 's Skype service, the company announced Tuesday.
Users with a Skype account can click a button on your MySpace profile to call the computer or telephone of another member, so they could reach people in your network, even when not online. The service will be available in 20 countries from November.

MySpace, the largest social networking site with 110 million members, will share revenue from the agreement with Skype, which allows customers to make long distance calls using their computers. Skype, the Luxembourg-based division of eBay, has 220 million registered users.
Standard PC to PC calls are free, but users must pay for "premium" options, such as your own personal phone number, voicemail, call forwarding and the ability to make calls from a PC to phones Fixed phones.
The executives did not disclose other financial terms of the agreement, which comes as both companies strive to expand membership amid growing competition.
One of the biggest rival MySpace is fast-growing, which has more than 47 million active users - including at least 200,000 new registrations per day since January.
On Wednesday, San Jose-based eBay is expected to report to take an impairment charge of $ 900 million for Skype - an acknowledgment that the e-commerce leader drastically overvalued the acquisition for $ 2.6 billion, completed in October 2005.

Google + and Facebook

The circles are much more nuanced than the technology of transmission of all or nothing I'm used to Facebook and Twitter. But unless Google figures a way to fix a particular defect, the circles does not solve a problem I've had for years: the tension between the use of personal and professional social networks.

Here, in a nutshell: I want to offer public comments on the world of technology through Google +, but I do not want my incessant techno-talk to friends and family block + Google streams.
The limits of social networks
How do you keep separate the different facets of his life in social networks?
Separately. I do not want co-workers know about my children, my parents know my friends and my fans to know about my dental appointment.
It's a fuzzy line. Work, school and home are part of life, but I'm not saying everything everyone.
None. I am a person, not a split personality - if you do not like the package, do not follow me.
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It was for this reason that last year I unplugged my Twitter and Facebook this year to my Facebook page freelancer.
I'm willing to cut Google, Twitter, and all other online service with a little slack here. It's really hard to create a product that can handle the dual roles of different people. Most of us have gotten used to having separate house and operation of e-mail addresses, for example. Facebook provides an ability to execute people linked personally and professionally.
I was hoping that Google, which boasts explicit about the ability of Google + 's handling of social networks, with both his boss and his family have handled the situation better. So far I think has the best start, at least in the circles.
The circles I specify a specific audience to receive a message, which is ideal for a note to coworkers, friends, or people who live nearby. But my direct messages - about my weekend trip in the family, for example - are very different from my public messages about topics such as Web browsers.
The only sensible way to manage work-related messages is to expose publicly. I want people to read them, after all, and certainly do not have time to manage an ever-expanding circle of people who presumably would be interested.
If they are public messages, however, that would carry my family and friends with the controversial security WebGL when all they wanted was to hear of the adventure with the drunken hooligan in Dover.
I do not pretend that my needs + Google represent the way most people use the service. But I do think there are many in my place - someone with a business to promote, for example, if it is a wedding photographer or freelance programmer or high profile technology executive.