Kaptur Photo Album

  • What is Kaptur?

  • Kaptur is a utility that lets you create single albums using everyone's photos, videos and statuses, regardless of when and where posted.
    You've seen the wedding photographer's photos, and a few of the albums your family and friends have uploaded to Facebook and Flickr, but there are loads of photos you've never seen. What's more, all of the photos and videos are in different places, so it's really hard to share them. If you want to look at your photos a few years down the road, you have to spend time sifting through Facebook and Flickr albums again or finding old links in your email. With Kaptur, you can find and organize all of the photos and videos from your wedding or any event in seconds and easily share with your friends, allow guests to contribute their own photos and videos, and on your five-year anniversary when you want to look back at all of your photos, they are all in one place.
  • Do I have to register, pay fees, or upload photos?

  • No registration. No fees. No uploads. To use Kaptur, you just need to connect with Facebook on our site. You can then import photos and other media from Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo. "Adding" photos is a seamless process and doesn't require waiting around for uploads.
  • I'm worried about giving Kaptur access to my Facebook information.

  • Your privacy is our highest priority. We won't sell your information to advertisers, or share anything with any third party. We have designed Kaptur to protect your actual identity. You can think of the site as your own tool to discover, organize and share your memories from within your social networks. The way it works is that when you log in to our site using your Facebook information, you are really just logging into Facebook but on our site. We then help you explore and organize the content that lives in your Facebook account.
    You can also set additional privacy setting on Kaptur so that when you invite users to view your memory, they too must log in via Facebook. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, just email, call, or stop by and we will remove everything you ask us to.
  • Will anyone be able to see my photos or add to my memory?

  • Our privacy settings are straightforward and simple: you choose who can view (everyone, logged-in users, just your friends, or just you) and who can contribute (logged-in users, just your friends, or just you).
  • I've added a bunch of my photos and videos to Kaptur, now what? How do my friends contribute?

  • Click on any of the icons on the left-hand side of the page to share your memory with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail. You can also just copy and paste the URL into an e-mail or message. When your friends visit your memory, all they have to do is connect to Facebook, then they can add any of their own photos and videos without uploading anything.
    What's great about Kaptur is that you can add your friends' photos without their doing anything. If your friends participate, all they have to do is click "I was there," we automatically pull in any media they generated within the date range. You can also look through a friends' Facebook and Flickr albums and add photos yourself.
  • What if I have pictures on other platforms besides Facebook + Flickr?

  • Kaptur is integrating new photo partners regularly. In the mean time, if you want to use a photo that isn't on Facebook or Flickr, just upload it to either one. If there are platforms you would like for us to integrate, please email us at:
  • Can I download and print any photos at home?

  • You can download all photos from a memory, regardless of who uploaded them to which platform. You can download all in one click by clicking "download" on the memory page or you can download individual photos by clicking on a photo to enlarge it and then clicking the download icon. You can also print directly from the enlarged photo view to your printer. Soon we will be releasing features to let you print high quality prints, customized merchandise, photo books, greeting cards and much much more.

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