Facebook Advertisers Can Target Users by Zip Code

Advertisers wishing to target Facebook members in specific zip codes can now do so. The social network has made the new orientation option available to advertisers through Facebook and tools Editor Power Manager self-service ads. Facebook has confirmed that the selection of the postcode, which was discovered by political, is now available in the U.S.

"The goal postal code launched yesterday and this change was made due to requests for a change," says a spokesperson for Facebook Mashable.

Advertisers can now address the members by country, state or province, you can now target ads and stories hosted users in more localized areas.

"In recent months, Facebook has been showing the modules in the sidebar asking users to confirm that several of the zip codes that are closer or live within," Inside Facebook reports.

Now that advertisers have the possibility of hyper-local to the public what types of ads to expect users of Facebook? Local traders and small businesses are the most likely candidates to promote products and services by zip codes. Political theory also that the addition of zip objectives will be a factor in the upcoming elections.

"In an election cycle in social networks is expected to play an important role, Facebook's new program signals its intention to become a major player in the market expanding, and lucrative, local campaigns," says the site .

Facebook Making Games Better

For those who enjoy the games on Facebook, facebook are launching new features to make it easier to find new games and play with their friends. A new set of ticker. When you're playing, you will see a separate stream of his friends play activity, results and achievements in a teletype. The best way to find new games is through friends and now have more opportunities to see what they're playing.

Maybe your best friend has started playing Sims, his roommate has a high score in PacMan, or his mother and sister have had words with friends. Simply click on a story and you can start playing the game yourself.

Now you can control who can see these stories for each individual application settings. If you want friends to see you're playing a game, but not in another, you can change that. You can also limit the sight of the quote by clicking "X" in a story for disposal.

More space to play

facebook are also introducing a larger screen for the game so you can have a more involved experience. You begin to see games that can be expanded to full screen, as CityVille, Zoo World, Monster World, and Manor Mystery in the coming days.

Mark your favorites

If you use a lot of games or applications, you can now keep the best at the top of the markers on their website. To add a new bookmark, click the menu next to the marker. You can also change, delete and modify the settings from the menu.

If you like sports games, word games, strategy or action games, they are all best when played with friends. facebook hope these changes make playing games even more fun on Facebook.