Google Chrome updated to deliver up to 70 percent data savings

Google has updated its much-loved Chrome browser for Android to deliver even better data savings than before. The updated browser that is currently a default on devices running stock versions of Android has now been tweaked to deliver up to 70 percent in data savings.
The feature is certainly not new to the Chrome app but Google has added some tweaks to make things load up faster. Upon turning on Data Savings, users will notice that the web pages begin to load without any images, ensuring that the details in text are quickly available for reading.
Data Saver will automatically detect when a connection is slow and then act by skipping on images to make things load faster. Users can then tap on the placeholders to load images of their choice or load all of them at once.
Users will need to head into Settings and check on the box next to Data Savings to activate the feature. The feature for now is currently rolling out in India and Indonesia and will be available in other countries shortly.