Google Doodle of the Day

When you are looking for something on Google today, you will find a fascinating instrument in the top of the page: It is recording an electric guitar built in the shape of the Google logo, in homage to the great guitarist Les Paul, which would have been 96 years old today (Thursday).

Move your mouse over the ropes, and can rip this little instrument. You can also play notes on the keyboard. Click the record button located on the rectangular bottom of the second "g" of the word "Google" would be, and every note you play will be saved for posterity.

There's more. It creates a URL that can be sent to others, so you can hear your masterpiece. This is where it gets even more interesting: Send the address to someone, and when that person paste the URL into the address bar, you can play a duet together. Try it - play with me.

Or, you can play along with your recording, sound mixing as Les Paul did for the first time way back in the late 40's. Someone could really make some real music with it.

Click the drawing itself, and takes you to sites with Les Paul. Try here.

How appropriate! Les Paul, one of the first electric guitar and builder of one of the first solid body electric guitars was an innovative artist who created new forms of overlapping tracks in the recording studio. And here his memory is honored with another innovation, a website that shows a playable guitar and encouraged - you can record and dubbing - on his birthday.

Les Paul, after the legendary Gibson Les Paul is named, died in 2009 after living to the ripe old age of 94. Congratulations to Google for honoring their creative spirit by building the best ever Google doodle.

Google Chrome Stable Version Released

Google Chrome 12 is now the stable version of Google's web browser, making several improvements to security, privacy and graphics capabilities. Chrome now check downloaded files for malware, and Google says it has designed the feature so you do not have to know that the URLs you have visited or downloaded files to be able to detect malicious files. Now you can adjust the data stored on your computer to websites, including Flash Player local shared objects (also known as Flash cookies) directly from Chrome.

In terms of graphics, Chrome 12 includes support for hardware 3D acceleration CSS, which allows for some nifty effects like rotate and scale videos. Chrome Try this experiment to see some new features in action.

Finally, Chrome 12 brings a number of minor improvements, such as an improved interface for setting up a web page and search for Chrome applications directly from the address bar.

Google Chrome 12 is available at / chrome. Existing users are automatically updated to the new version in the next couple of days.

Wimbledon Championships to be first ever BBC 3D broadcast

125 years of the championships marked with live coverage of 3D men and ladies' singles final

Today, the BBC announced that will be broadcast live 3D coverage to homes throughout the UK for the first time, when the emissions of the men and ladies finals of 2011 Wimbledon Championships through HD BBC Channel.

The broadcast free-to-air 3D Championships will be available to anyone who has access to a 3D TV and HD channels, regardless of the digital television service provider they use.

The 3D live coverage of the ladies and men's finals on Saturday 02 July to Sunday 03 July, commemorates the 125th anniversary of the Wimbledon Championships.

BBC coverage is provided in collaboration with Sony AELTC and Professional. Also be available on a limited number of cinemas across the UK and the BBC has a small number of 3D projections is free for members of the public through / showsandtours.

This is one of a small number of experiments of the BBC editorial 3DTV is conducting on behalf of the taxpayers of the license.

The coverage of the Championship Finals will also be available in Standard Definition (SD) on BBC One and in High Definition (HD) on BBC HD.

Danielle Nagler, Head of BBC HD and 3D, says: "I am delighted that in this anniversary year we are bringing to the UK public a new way of approaching the action on center court I am sure that 3D only add. the drama and the best players in the world compete for the championship. "

Paul Davies, executive producer of BBC Sport, said: "During our 75 years of televising the Wimbledon Championships at the BBC has constantly broken new ground in broadcasting techniques unique 3D This transmission is the latest innovation to give life to all the tension, drama, excitement in one of y. most iconic sporting venues in the world. "

George Entwistle, director of BBC Vision, said: "We know how much the audience and enjoy the BBC coverage of Wimbledon on television. This is an experiment of great importance to us and I am pleased that we have the opportunity to show some our impressive sports coverage to our audience, in 3D, for free. "

As well as coverage on BBC One, BBC HD, BBC Two and BBC HD channel, viewers will follow the championship through the BBC Online, which will be streaming live all the action directly to viewers' PCs and provides live commentary of the text via the mobile service.

BBC Red Button will also offer a wide range of viewing options through Wimbledon and the BBC Radio 5 Live provides comprehensive coverage, interviews and commentary from Wimbledon, there are more ways than ever to follow the action and excitement of this year.

BBC iPlayer is offering up to two full games all day tournament. Today At Wimbledon will also be available on demand from BBC iPlayer HD and SD.

Live coverage 3D final men's singles will also be available on a select number of cinemas in the UK and the BBC Television Centre. For more information on how to request free tickets through a lottery please visit / showsandtours. Tickets will be available from Wednesday 08 June until Monday 13 June.

Notes to Editors
Wimbledon final will be available in 3D (subject to the households with a television with high definition 3D integrated 3D or TV connected to an HD box and a pair of 3D glasses) on BBC HD - Top BBC definition channel available via Freesat channel 109, Freeview channel 54, Sky channel 169 and Virgin Media channel 187.

All Wimbledon Championship is also being simulcast in HD on BBC HD and BBC HD, which will screen the final in HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media 108.

5 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Content

One of the most effective, lowest-cost ways to drive traffic and create awareness for your business is through content marketing: creating and delivering relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage your target audience. Content marketing can run the full range of post status updates and photos on the pages of Facebook and Twitter to write compelling messages blog and post videos on YouTube. popular types of content that can begin to include how-to articles and videos, Q & A, is behind the cameras in your business, pictures and videos showing their work and firsthand accounts of their staff involved in local events or industry.

Here are five key strategies for marketing of content to increase their success of the program.

1. The plan of its contents before time

Looking at a blank screen can be daunting to consider planning their issues soon.

2. Create content Pops

Nielsen reports that users typically spend less than a minute on any given web page, many experts recommend the creation of content that can be easily consumed in under a minute.

3. Search Engine Optimization content

Once your content is ready to send, the next step is to optimize it for search.

Start by researching keywords and key phrases get the most traffic on a particular topic using Google keyword tool or similar tool. Tasha Mayberry, founder of the consulting firm Social Media Social Media 22, recommends that you use relevant key words or phrases in the title of their content in the article file names and pictures as well as along of any article or website.

4. Create backlinks to your content

The decline more than point to your content, search engines value assigned. To increase the number of backlinks to your content, Mayberry suggested answer and comment on the relevant articles, blogs and forums with a link to your website or blog URL. Just make sure your comments add value to the conversation so it is not considered spam.

5. Make your social content

Needless to say, should promote any new content through social media channels such as your Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn. But instead of simply publishing the title, consider making a key point of the contents or raise an issue relevant to interest readers.

Finally, do not forget to make your content shareable to social plugins free tools like AddThis or Wibiya. If someone shares your content, it will automatically create a link back to your website and greatly expand the scope of its content.

Kinect Star Wars

Dance, fly, smash and duel your way through the most exciting game in the galaxy- all without using a controller. Featuring iconic settings and characters, plus the full body play of Kinect, it's never been easier to enter the Star Wars universe.

Game Features

True to the Star Wars you know and love, stunning visuals transport you into the Star Wars universe, complete with iconic characters, vehicles, ships, droids and much more.
Drawing on iconic moments from the motion pictures, Kinect Star Wars allows you to enter the Star Wars universe and experience a wide variety of physical play.
First Star Wars game with no controller in the way.
Easy in/out co-op lets a 2nd player jump into the fun at any time.
Lightsaber combat, Force moves, piloting Speeder Bikes and iconic ships, Pod racing and much more.
Experience the breadth of the Star Wars universe as you wield a Lightsaber and train to be a Jedi Master, become a champion Pod racer, master the Force, pilot iconic ships and Speeder Bikes, and much more.
Share the Force with friends through co-op, competitive and duel modes. Easy in-out lets a second player instantly join the action.
Star Wars experiences inspired by and drawn from all six movies.
A look that is true to the Star Wars you know and love.
Authentic: Iconic ships, creatures, enemies, environments, and characters.

AddThis Launches New Way to Measure Social Sharing

AddThis has launched a new way for publishers to continue the exchange of what happens in its simplest form - copy and paste a URL from the address bar and then to a network share e-mail or IM.
To AddThis, Clearspring is owned by, which could represent an enormous wealth of new data that the company can provide to web publishers. Clearspring CEO Hooman RADF says the company has "seen up to 10 times greater exchange in the address bar face buttons share." With a network that now reaches more than 1.2 million unique users per month in 9 million sites, that's a lot of sharing that was previously going untold.

To help make sense of these data, the company is also launching AddThis test called Live View, which shows the exchange of data and real-time click. The idea, according to a company statement, is that "publishers can use this information to modify page layout, editorial content and marketing tactics in response to continuous feedback on the activities of the spectators." U.S. Today is one of the largest publishers in today with the Live View of the platform.

To Clearspring, the implementation follows recent news of a funding round of $ 20 million, money the company plans to use to continue building tools for publishers. RADF recently told me that, "Now that we have this massive view of what is happening on the Web, we're seeing ... how you take the power of the entire network and onto the individual publisher. Only a handful of companies on the web that have the scope of what we do. "

Asked specifically about the finances of the company (Clearspring has raised a total of $ 60 million), RADF said: "We do not need the money right now ... we're using really and honestly for growth." He added that a public offering starting sometime in the foreseeable future is, "Not for the realm of possibility."