Zynga Turns Its Privacy Policy into a Game

Zynga, the creators of hit games such as Farmville and CityVille has used his talent to create a social gaming gamified version of its privacy policies.
PrivacyVille is the giant of the game is to have the privacy policy boring. It's essentially a tutorial step by step through the most important aspects of the privacy policy of the company, with his helmet brand and character designs. "PrivacyVille modeled after our most popular sport, CityVille and offers a brief tutorial that covers important areas of our privacy policy and helpful resources on control of your online information," the company said on its blog.

PrivacyVille passes through elements such as how Zynga email is responsible for the policies of the company's mobile and security measures needed to protect the user fees. The reading of each section increases the user's progress through to completion PrivacyVille the tutorial. Once completed, the user is asked to five (very easy) questions to confirm that he or she went through the tutorial.

One of the most interesting aspects is that it connects PrivacyVille to RewardVille, the program of the company's virtual currency. Users who complete the tutorial to get points Zynga PrivacyVille (zPoints), which can become a virtual currency or rewards.

It is a further step to a company on a roll. Last week, Zynga filed an initial public offering $ 1 billion that could value the company north of $ 20 billion. While the company's user base has grown, their income is booming.