Google Confirms Admeld Buy

It is now clear that investments in new technologies, new ad formats and improved buying and selling processes are helping to grow the advertising pie chart. This benefits publishers make more money from ads, users get ad-free content and marketing funds that are able to grow their online businesses.

However, we often hear the main web site publishers today ad management remains overwhelmingly complicated and inefficient. We have been investing in the tools of our editor to try to improve the landscape and have made great progress, but we believe we can do even better. To help publishers make the most important of the rapidly changing and growing landscape of advertising, we signed an agreement to acquire Admeld, a performance optimization firm based in New York.

Some editors also work with an "optimization of production" provider (such as Rubicon Project, Pubmatic and others) that provides the technology to select the advertisements of these options through many indirect, while providing personalized service and support. In a complex landscape of advertising and fast-growing, which makes Admeld.

Laptop Cooling Solutions

As the weather warms up for the summer, we had a look at some of the solutions of laptop cooling to help keep your laptop nice and chilled. Whether a full ventilator support, or simply a pillow to prevent your thighs from becoming too dark, there's something for everyone. And with prices starting at $ 10, there are options for every budget too. If you are looking to avoid the burn, take a look at the slides. Let us know in the comments of your tricks to stop laptop overheating as the weather warms.

Make Your WordPress Blog More Sociable

WordPress by default is a great tool to maintain contact with their readers, but sometimes not enough. Would not it be great if you can chat with your visitors or you can submit interesting news on your site? Or how about giving them the option to create a detailed personal page, like on Facebook? This article is very useful 10 plugins that will improve the social power of your website.


Start communicating! Bring live two-way chat to your site. Host your own live chat sessions, interact with your visitors and increase sales without JavaScript third party or other code - works great with BuddyPress and several sites as well.

Goodies Twitter

Official Tweet Twitter Profile button + extras and search Widget. Plugin shows your tweets on page Post / Widget area.

Skype Online Status

The plug-in for Skype Online Status allows you to add one or multiple, highly customizable and accessible (!) Skype buttons to your blog. You can choose any of the available themes Skype button to show their online status and place in its pages and content of the messages (with a neat little button on the Skype quicktag WYSIWYG editor) in the sidebar through widgets (unlimited) or any place on file the theme of the template.

Manager tab Facebook

WordPress ago served as editor of tags can be embedded in a Facebook page for your company, campaign or organization.

Private BuddyPress Community

This plugin makes your private BuddyPress community. Only logged in members can see the social areas in their entirety. You can configure the default settings.

FV Community News

Give your site visitors the ability to send their news to you, and the list in a pleasant news service.

Open Alkivia Community

A plugin to build communities of users around WordPress, it's mostly about having a well integrated system profiles. This plugin provides all the necessary functions and widgets for easy and flexible ways to display all the information about a user. Furthermore, some user privacy settings to allow information to be displayed in the profile page.

Disqus comment system

Disqus, pronounced "discuss", is a service and a tool for web comments and discussions. Disqus makes comments easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community.

WordPress advanced ticketing system

This WordPress plugin adds to the characteristics of a complete ticketing system. This allows users to send entries to report problems or get support in whatever you want. Users can set the status, priority, product and type of each ticket.

WordPress Bar

DiggBar seen on Add a function similar to your WordPress blog by creating a navigation bar for all external links outside of the blog.