Google Docs hits maximum file size of 10 GB

Google Docs users can now load and work with files and documents up to 10 gigabytes.
In a post on Google + as of yesterday, Google product manager Scott Johnston announced the latest enhancement to increase the maximum file size of 1 GB Google Docs before.
However, the file size increase will mainly benefit users with paid accounts.
People who use Google Docs for free are still limited to 1 GB of total storage space for uploaded files, but documents created directly in line do not count towards the quota. But users with paid accounts ranging from $ 5 per year for 20 GB to $ 4,096 a year for 16 terabytes can find the new file size to upload images by hand, videos and other files safe.

In other news on the front of Google Docs, users can now download PowerPoint and convert PPTX files (the format used by PowerPoint 2007 and 2010). The company offers a support page that explains how to convert various file types from Microsoft Office to Google Docs).
Google users can now access the spreadsheet by hand a list of keyboard shortcuts by pressing Ctrl /. Using the keys can sometimes make it easier to navigate from one section or one sheet to another.
And finally, Google Viewer now supports ZIP and RAR. Upload any file type allows you to see a list of archive contents without having to download and unzip the first. Google will even let you view certain files within the ZIP or RAR. For example, I uploaded a ZIP file containing Word documents, and Google Docs viewer was able to show each document in the proper format.