Digg Launches Newswire, a Social News Curation Tool

Digg launched a new social feature called news discovery on Monday Newswire.
Newswire "gives you the tools to shape the stories that break on Digg," the blog social news site. Unlike other parts of Digg, the news Newswire updates in real time - as the stories are presented, appear in the "recent" in the Newswire. As Dugg, stories move up the "Trend" in the Newswire.

As the company points out in his blog, the key to choosing the top stories on Digg is finding them. This tool was created to help ease the pain of searching through a pile of mediocre content to find diamonds. Instead, users will find the latest in "recent" and the most popular stories of "Trends."

Popularity is calculated "to see how many Diggs, tastes and Tweets [a story] is, who has Dugg, when submitted, the quality of past tales, and a handful of other signs," the blog of Digg.

The feed can be customized Newswire, focusing the search results with the following information:

By "recent" or "fashionable" stories
For media types like images, videos or text (or all stories)
By number of Diggs ("more" or "less than" a number of Diggs)
By theme, such as business, entertainment, technology, etc.
To promote transparency of how the news is unfolding, the Newswire also has a channel activity in the right column, as well as its own page.

Digg has faced difficult times - founder Kevin Rose left the company earlier this year, the site has faced falling traffic Reddit competitor site has benefited from the decline of Digg and the company made major staff cuts at year's end past. Buys Social Media Publishing Tool Twitterfeed

URL Shortening Site dominant tool, has acquired social twitterfeed publication.
TweetDeck is a tool that automatically publishes RSS feeds to social networking with a title and a shortened link With this service, you can set your blog to publish to your Twitter account, Twitter or RSS to publish on its Web site LinkedIn. While some functions may appear in twitterfeed at some point, not the technology that is later.

"Let's face it, posting Twitter updates is not an exact science," says CEO Peter Stern.

More valuable is twitterfeed user base and its creator, Mario Menti. Twitterfeed has over 1 million unique users and posts more than 5 million updates per month (okay, these are automatic). Bit. ly could have the opportunity to make its analysis of the most obvious features of the user base - and increase sales to its data quality tools in the meantime.

For now, however, neither Bit. twitterfeed mind nor users are likely to notice the change in ownership.

"We bought it because it is a product that is there, is growing in use," says Stern, who became CEO in May after the deal was closed. "In the immediate future is a kind of business as usual."

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Barred From Sale in Europe

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is recovered from another continent.
The Regional Court of Dusseldorf, Germany, Apple has granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung, preventing the sale and marketing of the device in Europe - except the Netherlands. The court sided with the claim that the Apple device, Samsung has infringed Apple's patents and copy parts of the iPhone 2. While Samsung may appeal the ruling will not be able to do so for at least four weeks.

Europe is the second continent to ban the sale of the device in these lands after the release of the tablet was delayed in Australia on 1 August. The tablet to hit the U.S. market June 8.

Walmart To Shut Down 7-Year-Old MP3 Music Store

Walmart MP3 Downloads, retail competitor iTunes 7 years old, turn off at the end of the month.
The company plans to silence the site on August 29, according to The New York Times. Once seen as a serious threat to iTunes, online music store ever Walmart made tremendous strides against Apple, despite deep discount. Pricing at the store for the track was $ 0.88, less than Apple for $ 0.11.

Walmart store resumes in 2008, making great achievements in $ 0.74 cents per song and other songs for $ 0.94, plus a free download of the week. The store includes more than 3 million songs containing all the major labels. There were other benefits as a free MP3 each CD purchased in store or online. But nothing, apparently, could tempt Apple users far enough to make it worthwhile for the Bentonville giant.

Twitter Rolls Out Photo Sharing to All Users

Twitter photo sharing and upload service is now available to all users, Twitter has confirmed.
The feature, which made its debut in early June, allows users to add images to your tweets. Now, users will find a camera icon at the bottom of the "What's happening?" box. Clicking it will allow users to select an image to upload, then you can preview before sending into the world. Tweets that contain photos include a link to, along with a thumbnail attached.

The function is being implemented prior to the launch of Apple iOS 5. New Apple's mobile operating system has a prominent Twitter integration, so it is essentially the default network for users of social IOS. Users can share photos via Twitter iOS 5. Twitter is not saying when moving load of photos will be available in the Android applications and IOS, but we suspect that functionality is coming soon.

Twitter photo sharing service is powered by Photobucket, which provides all the hosting pictures uploaded by users.

Photo service Twitter basically negates the usefulness of the photo-sharing services like TwitPic. Twitter has been criticized for competing with third-party services built on its platform. Developers do not know if Twitter suddenly begin to compete with their products, an issue that has created a cloud of uncertainty over the Twitter ecosystem.

Check out the screenshots he took the role of Twitter to share photos when first released and let us know if you will change to the official Twitter service for sharing photos in the comments.