Walmart To Shut Down 7-Year-Old MP3 Music Store

Walmart MP3 Downloads, retail competitor iTunes 7 years old, turn off at the end of the month.
The company plans to silence the site on August 29, according to The New York Times. Once seen as a serious threat to iTunes, online music store ever Walmart made tremendous strides against Apple, despite deep discount. Pricing at the store for the track was $ 0.88, less than Apple for $ 0.11.

Walmart store resumes in 2008, making great achievements in $ 0.74 cents per song and other songs for $ 0.94, plus a free download of the week. The store includes more than 3 million songs containing all the major labels. There were other benefits as a free MP3 each CD purchased in store or online. But nothing, apparently, could tempt Apple users far enough to make it worthwhile for the Bentonville giant.