Venmo Now Overnights Funds To Your Bank Account

Social payments start VENMAN aims to be both a practical and fun way for friends to currency exchange electric bills and divide and do well in promissory notes. A service update of the last to become the fastest way to get the money to fund friends have sent your way.

VENMAN, formerly working with a partner to handle processing intermediary bank transfers, is now working directly with U.S. banks. The net result for application users is the ability to withdraw money from VENMAN and receive funds overnight.

The update, announced Monday in a low voice, is significant; VENMAN is now faster than PayPal when it comes to transferring funds to bank accounts in U.S. In addition, quick transfers of money could help the youth start to win over users of its most formidable competitors and novices hook the service.

"The result is that you never have to worry about sending money to a friend who is new to VENMAN," says CEO Andrew Kortina Mashable. "If you're at dinner and send to a friend $ 50, you can register immediately verify your account, apply for cash, and money will appear tomorrow in your checking account - which is much faster than typing / recover a check or using PayPal. "

The update service, which carries a big "Cash Out" on the iPhone and Android applications, represents a desire for the implementation to meet user demands. "The biggest complaint we've heard from users is that this process was too slow," says Kortina.

Now users can check their bank accounts and withdraw funds instantly VENMAN to receive money overnight, Kortina believes that the implementation will be able to win more users over VENMAN Paypal.

"The reason we're winning away ex-users of PayPal is that we are working to build something better. That means that the construction of a social service that is more easily accessible on your mobile device. Now, we are happy to announce that it is faster and more fluid. "

An electronic money service, especially one designed to help control and resolve friends split real world issues of money, is only as good as your ability to get money from a friend on the other. VENMAN now does at night.

VENMAN it remains only to guests, but Mashable readers can sign up for the service using the invitation code "mash61."