What Do You Love: Google’s Love Website

Google has launched a new service, called What's mysterious like that. It is a simple search box, similar to the Google home page, but returns the result of over 20 different Google services, like Google Translate, Trends, YouTube, Maps, Groups etc.
The results are presented in small boxes that can, in some cases, you can enlarge by clicking the icon in the lower right corner, and if you need more results, you can click the button in the upper right corner of the box and go directly to the chosen service.

The concept reminds us of iGoogle, a service that lets you add simple applications to your personalized portal. What do you like, however, instantly creates a mini-site on any term you choose, making it a good choice for users who do not have time to play with the options and simply want access to many Google services on one page.

The service, located at the address and google com / whatdoyoulove /, you mark Google's copyright, but very little explanation, and so far has not been announced in any official Google blogs. Tell us what you like in the comments!

Twitter Launches Guide for Journalists

Twitter has become an invaluable tool for journalists with regard to the sources to find and share stories. Now, the microblogging site has published a guide that shows journalists best use of the tool in their daily cares.

The guide, entitled "Twitter for newsrooms," is a bit obvious to anyone using Twitter daily. No new information here, just tips on how to inform, interact with other users and followers and how to use the tweets in the process of reporting. But the fact that Twitter has launched an official guide for journalists is an indicator of the impact of social media on the news.

Facebook has recently launched a similar initiative, launching a page on Facebook for journalists, intended as a resource for journalists who want to incorporate social media in their reporting, networking and storytelling. The social network also began a program of journalists meetup.

20 Superb Photoshop PSD’s For Web Designers

One of the most common problems in the work of a web developer is doing all the graphic elements. If you have no knowledge of Photoshop, then he really is in trouble because for the average user interface is more important than the mechanism. Therefore, if you are a web designer who needs some good graphics, is in the right place. In this article we have compiled 20 excellent and without psd, you can use in your projects.