Kinect brings new games for Xbox

Kinect Disneyland Adventure, one of a trio of upcoming games for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console using the controller system Kinect handsfree, plays more like a tour of the Magic Kingdom, except he can fly.
Disney and Microsoft plan to announce the games on Monday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Players will have to enter a virtual Disneyland, visit the castles and other monuments and Disney characters. "All that is replicated to a level of detail," says Adam Sussman for Disney. "You can meet and greet and take photos (with characters) and get on a ride."
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On a walk through the E3 show, the Neverland of Peter Pan ride, players take rapid flight with Peter Pan over the skies of London to Neverland and Captain Hook's pirate ship to engage him in a fight the sword. Disneyland Adventures "something that is very innovative and unique," says Sussman. "Something very different from (consumers) have ever experienced before in a game system."

Web Personalization will damage our world view

When you search through Google, you get more relevant, useful search results, recommendations and other personalized features. By personalizing the results, google hope to offer useful and relevant information on the Internet.

In the past, the only way to get better results were to register for personalized search. Now you can get personalized results each time you use Google. Depending on whether or not you're logged into a Google account when searching, the information used to personalize your experience will be different:

Signed in customization: When you're logged in, Google personalized search experience based on your web history. If you do not wish to receive customized results while connected, you can disable and delete Web History from your Google account. You can also view and remove individual items from your web history.

Signed out of customization: When you're not registered, Google personalized search experience based on past research information linked to your browser, using a cookie. Google stores up to 180 days of search activity linked to output signed cookies in your browser, including queries and results are clicked.

Because many people might find on a single computer, the browser cookie may be associated with search activity more than one person. For this reason, do not provide a way to see this activity log signed out. If you do not wish to receive customized results while disconnected, you can disable these custom search.