Facebook Collaborates with social browser RockMelt

RockMelt Facebook has worked with a new version of the intelligent social web browser. The browser, which is available for download Tuesday, includes more customizable Facebook chat integration and an administrator role of friend requests, messages and notifications. Facebook has also made a slight change in your site. When users are on RockMelt, friend requests, messages, notifications and chats will appear directly RockMelt instead of Facebook. When a user starts a chat on Facebook, while, will open a chat window RockMelt.

"We give people a way to share and communicate with their friends wherever they are," said Eric Vishria, RockMelt co-founder and CEO of The New York Times. "Over time, you will see lots of innovation in the products leave the alliance with Facebook."

But the innovation of products, the expected time points, not what most needs RockMelt. The browser has only a tiny percentage of market share. Could the world's largest social network to help with that?

Ethan Beard, director of platform alliances Facebook, said there are no plans to help RockMelt distribution.

Facebook Hires President Clinton’s Former Press Secretary

Facebook has announced that it has hired Joe Lockhart, press secretary to former President Bill Clinton, as its new vice president of global communications.

"Joe's arrival brings new skills and greater depth to our team very busy," said Facebook vice president of Global Marketing Communications and Public Policy Elliot Schrage said in a statement of Mashable. "His experience in the construction and operation of a press office in the White House gives special thanks to the demands of a global news cycle, 24 hours and the challenges of responding effectively to intense scrutiny."

Lockhart was on 22 the White House press secretary from August 1998 to September 2000. During that time, he defended President Clinton during impeachment trials (the Lewinsky scandal was gaining momentum when he went to the office) and was press secretary during the Elian Gonzalez case.

Lockhart is responsible for the corporate enterprise policies and international communications equipment, according to a Facebook spokesperson we talked. The officer will begin July 15. Although currently living in Washington, DC, will be moving to California as soon as family commitments allow. "

Lockhart brings a lot of communication experience to the table beyond his time as press secretary for Clinton. He was an executive vice president of Bozell Sawyer Miller and founded Glover Park Group, a strategic communications firm with a large list of blue chip customers in 2001. Previously he was a television journalist for CNN, NBC News and other networks.

Facebook has been in need of some muscle of communications from the departure of former director of corporate communications, Brandee Barker. Barker, who was with the company for four years, left the company last year to start his own consulting firm for start-ups. Facebook was in talks with former press secretary for Obama, Robert Gibbs, but it seems that the negotiations failed.

April 1, 2000 have unearthed video of Lockhart, speaking to reporters on the González case. Let us know what you think about Facebook's new hire executive comments.

Mobile popular among younger moviegoers devices

Age is playing a role in how people watch movies, according to a new study released by Epix.
Epix, a joint venture of Paramount Pictures, MGM and Lionsgate to offer movies via a broadcast channel, video on demand and streaming, found that people between the ages of 25 to 34 years are 24 percent more likely to see iPod movies that are 35 to 64.
These younger viewers are also 21 percent more likely to use tablets and smartphone to enjoy a movie, compared to their older counterparts. Moreover, seven out of eight respondents said they watch movies on their computers.

However, many more people, regardless of age, expect to see films over a movie screen or TV screen. Epix found that 53 percent of respondents plan to buy a "broadband device with the ability, in the form of tablets, netbook, notebook or desktop computer" in the next 12 months and over a quarter of respondents said plan to buy a mobile phone with Web access over the next 12 months. When they do, consumers use these devices to watch movies.
"The results of this study illustrate the fact that consumers are increasingly accessing entertainment content wherever and whenever available, and highlight opportunities for growth in the cable to adapt to these new viewing habits, providing movies and other content on any platform, "Mark Greenberg, executive director of Epix, said in a statement.
A growing number of content providers seem to be realizing that. Netflix, the leader in video streaming, currently offers mobile applications on smart phones and tablets. Cable providers and satellite, such as Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Dish Network, also double in the madness of mobile applications that allow people to watch programming on the fly.

Google Voice Search for Desktop

Google has added a new voice and image search functionality to its search service on the desktop.
The search box now has a microphone that, when clicked, allows people to talk to a query. The announcement, made in the case of the search firm in San Francisco, is part of a broader strategy of Google for "mobile innovations" for its desktop search. voice search and has been part of the application of mobile search company, but so far not been available in a standard browser on a desktop. This function starts the deployment of today for use in Chrome only, and only works for searches in the English language release.

Soon, too, when a person wants to search with the help of an image, you can drag and drop, upload, or copy and paste the image into the search box. Once the image is placed in the search box, the service provides results related to the image. An image of a place, for example, tell users where they are and provide links to relevant topics.
To add more flavor to this service, Google also offers "visual images," allowing users to view the photos that look the same.
In order to determine the results of an image, Google compares the image information of the "billions" of photos you currently have in your database.
Speaking during a question and answer session after today's event, Google said that its image search service for breach of facial recognition, and none of the photos submitted are published.
The global launch of the image search function starts today and runs in 40 languages. This feature is also available in chrome. However, Google said it is launching Chrome and Firefox extensions that let people right click on any image on the web for more information.

The most common mistakes in web design and how to avoid

When designing a web page, there are plenty of mistakes you can make, especially if you are a beginner. You will be tempted to use some ideas that are not too good, or worse, ideas that could ruin everything. Every day we see examples of bad design or bad practice, but with a little care, it is easy to avoid these problems. In this article, you can see the most common problems in web design, problems that are making a usability nightmare.

Crowded web pages

A website must strike a balance between the space occupied by the information (text, images and menus), and white or negative space (background, the distances between paragraphs and other elements of the page.) A site must be clean and simple.

The visitor must be able to easily read your content and find relevant information without any hassle. The solution to avoid this error is the use of "filler" and the style of "margin" to create the page, columns, paragraphs, pictures, etc.

Browser Compatibility

Make sure your site displays properly in all browsers. This is a big problem that needs a lot of work, and has no choice but to make the site compatible with newer browsers and more popular.

Hard to find information

This is a common error found on many websites. The visitor enters a site with a purpose: to find information. If the first few seconds after entering the site did not find what you need, you will leave the site. items of importance should be observed, and the same should be done with the parts of the text that provide the essence of information.

Using a Flash intro is too long and has no jump button

I'm sure each of you has seen the sites that have a Flash intro. I, for one, am totally against this, because it's like watching a commercial, take my time and I can do anything, other than expected. Upon reaching a site, wants the information as easily accessible as it can be, and not hidden behind 100 flash animations.

musical background

Do not add background music from the beginning of the Internet (probably there was a romantic period), web developers, tried to integrate music into websites. In most cases, the effect was exactly the contrary, users of the pages. However, in some cases, an audio file may be necessary. A speech by audio or audio tour-guide might be an interesting solution, but in this case, you must give the user control buttons like play, stop, etc.

The lack of sources

Do not use power to read: a good source to help you have a website expressive but first, bear in mind that the text should be read with ease. If the main objective is to convey a message as clearly as possible, this process would be more convenient for users. For the same reason, do not use fonts that are too small or too big.

Contact the page that is hard to find

Making contact details clearly shown [preferably in the top of the page], because there is nothing worse than a place where you have to find a contact on each page and finally we found it in an entirely different part of it should be. This is not only bad for the visitors but also for you, because you will not receive messages from the site.

The links are hard to find

Links are the most important elements in a web page, from the standpoint of the visitor. If these links are not easy to find, the visitor can go to that website. There are two basic principles
to consider when making a website:
- Links must be distinguished from other text in a different color or underlined;
- Avoid creating a text that is not a link, but it seems that a

Largely pages

All SEO experts say that the text and content is updated regularly is the key to success. However, do not put large blocks of text that can be summarized in a nutshell. The reader will be so "demoralized" by seeing how much you have to read, and are more likely to leave. SEO is good to bring visitors to your site, but do not overdo it.

Discouraged image format

standard format for images used on websites are JPEG, PNG or GIF. Other formats can lead to heavy loads on the website. There are also examples of sites that use these formats if the right time, the loads are very large. The problems are diverse, but the most common are web ready images (resize and save for web) or the misuse of images of size and depth of the elements of the page (this problem shows that the designer has a lack of experience in cutting techniques.)

The use of bright colors

bright colors or a combination of evil may be inadequate to the human eye, and detracts from visitors to the valuable information and also tires your eyes. Two important things to consider when selecting the set of colors for the site: the combination should be pleasing to the eye and do not use more than three primary colors (the rest can only be shades of colors).

ambiguous website

The user should know very clearly what is in place: basically, you have only a few seconds. If a visitor to quickly find your site has to offer, which closes the page and look elsewhere for information.

Poor Text Format

The content should be easy to read, because this is the Internet, not a book, so do large sections. Visitors do not have much time, so make sure you have the opportunity to read the content quickly. Use points, lines, notes, lists and everything to help you make the text more readable.

Useless user registration

Ask for user registration only if absolutely necessary: ​​the information or services you offer should be worth the time allotted. Most times, not only refuse to give up their data, but also access the site no more.

The lack of notifications

If you use PDF files, show very clearly with an icon, which should be a link to that file. Otherwise it may confuse users who do not want to leave the area of ​​the site, but want to download the file to your own computer.

Inadequate distribution of advertising

Do not mix advertising links to web site content. The mix of advertising like AdSense on content could help increase the number of admissions in the short term, but in the long run, this will reduce the number of visitors.

Horizontal displacement

Do not use horizontal scrolling: If the vertical displacement is acceptable and quite common, the picture is dark and difficult for the user. The most common screen resolution is now 1024 x 768 pixels, so that your site does not exceed the horizontal dimension. This may be an exception if your website is constructed in this way. Take a look at this.

The lack of call to action

The fundamental error of many sites is the lack of a "call to action", which means an indication of what users should do once they reached the site. Small businesses often have simple style site, which includes only the descriptive paragraphs. If you do not suggest an action for users (to buy a product or to subscribe contact) may be lost.

complicated navigation

Use a simple navigation structure: sometimes less is more. This general rule applies to persons and options. Make sure your site has a unique structure, clear navigation. The last thing you want is to confuse the reader about where to go to find what you're looking for.