Facebook Collaborates with social browser RockMelt

RockMelt Facebook has worked with a new version of the intelligent social web browser. The browser, which is available for download Tuesday, includes more customizable Facebook chat integration and an administrator role of friend requests, messages and notifications. Facebook has also made a slight change in your site. When users are on RockMelt, friend requests, messages, notifications and chats will appear directly RockMelt instead of Facebook. When a user starts a chat on Facebook, while, will open a chat window RockMelt.

"We give people a way to share and communicate with their friends wherever they are," said Eric Vishria, RockMelt co-founder and CEO of The New York Times. "Over time, you will see lots of innovation in the products leave the alliance with Facebook."

But the innovation of products, the expected time points, not what most needs RockMelt. The browser has only a tiny percentage of market share. Could the world's largest social network to help with that?

Ethan Beard, director of platform alliances Facebook, said there are no plans to help RockMelt distribution.