Hot Trends in Web Development

What makes the job of web developers, challenging and exciting at the same time are constantly changing trends! With the exponentially increasing popularity of mobile Internet surfing and strong user base of social media sites, the latest design and development trends seem to be heading for functional, less busy, and with large logos and images funds web sites that incorporate the latest web development technologies as well. These are the top ten web development trends for 2011:
HTML 5 - with most modern Web browsers HTML5 ready, many web designers and developers were quick to identify the opportunities offered by the latest revision of HTML.


The latest version of the CSS technology has come up with some interesting new features such as shadow box, pictures of the border, border radius, multi-column layout, various backgrounds, text shadow, opacity setting, and flexibility of resources that enable designers and developers to create designs powerful and flexible.

Server-side JavaScript

Using server-side JavaScript, JavaScript has been purely based on the client for a long time, but with the help of some new technologies such as node.js, creating more powerful and scalable applications server-side JavaScript is now a real possibility.
Parallax Scrolling

A technique began in the 80's, is now finding its way in recent web designs. It creates the illusion of a 3-dimensional space and when used properly, can provide web design, an impressive depth.


Using social network aggregators to maintain an electronic "newspaper" that allows users to track and monitor the movements of particular web page in some of the best social media sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook, is definitely becoming a trend.
Touch screen designs easier

Because some desktops, all smart phones and many mobile phones come with touch screens, the latest designs gradually eliminating mouse-friendly features such as hyperlink only displays and menus, and designers are the optimization of web sites for browsing fingertips.

Better Security

Thus there is no secret that the economic slowdown has led to an increase in online fraud attempts, and the latest web development trends are clearly steering in the direction of better fraud prevention.
Photo backgrounds

Although no new funds are making a comeback Photography using high-resolution images that can give a stylish design with a fresh and modern look.

Mobile Commerce

Also known as M-commerce or mobile commerce is the mobile version of e-commerce and enables users to shop on the road. It provides for immediate purchase ringtones, games, wallpapers, vouchers, coupons and tickets as well as various information and subscription services.
There are many great trends we've left out, but certainly worth exploring and some of them are the increasing use of NoSQL, development of technologies that provide for ease of deployment and scalability, networks of JavaScript, and thumbnail and quick response (QR) design.

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Note: Videos are currently limited to :15 seconds. Vimeo and YouTube are great places to share longer videos. Video capture is not supported for iPhone 3G and older.

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Twitter acquires TweetDeck

Twitter has acquired via web, an application to hold the exhibition of "tweets" of more than $ 40 million in a mixture of cash and stock, according to sources close to the deal.
TweetDeck has been the subject of speculation about offers of months. TechCrunch reports surfaced, quoting an acquisition of 40 million $ 50 million. The agreement has not yet been announced but documents the completion of the agreement signed on Monday.

While Twitter representatives were unavailable for comment, the account of the company's PR Twitter, "For those who may be curious, we do not comment on rumors." Betaworks, a key investor in TweetDeck, was not immediately available for comment.
Twitter has been known to either downplay or purchase third-party applications. In the past, Twitter has collected popular Twitter application for the iPhone Tweetie, and was associated with a photo of add-on TwitPic, as it launched its new interface.
After an administrative reorganization, co-founder Ev Williams and Jack Dorsey back as head of product, the company is focusing on building and have more attractive features of Twitter and interfaces.

In February, reports surfaced that UberMedia, the leading developer of applications and Web-based services to users of Twitter and other platforms of social media, was in talks to buy Tweetdeck.
But the deal never closed.
Around the time of discussions with UberMedia, Twitter suspended UberTwitter UberMedia and twidroyd, two popular applications used for mobile access to Twitter, citing policy violations.

Lady Gaga To Promote Chrome browse

Google is becoming one of the biggest stars in the pop world to promote its browser Chrome.
The search giant released an ad last week featuring Lady Gaga Chrome to communicate with his "Little Monsters." The announcement also includes short snippets of fans other Google services, including search and YouTube. Your search is used to find Gaga fans, "while fans of the artist shown singing" Edge of Glory "track in videos posted on YouTube.

The spot ends with Lady Gaga Google called "Monster of the Mother" and stating that "the Web is what you make of it."
Lady Gaga is no slouch when it comes to the Web. videos of the artist's music have been viewed hundreds of millions of times on YouTube. Lady Gaga also recently became the first person to Twitter to reach 10 million followers. It currently has more than 10.3 million. Today, its wildly anticipated "Born This Way" album hits store shelves.
The reaction to Google's use of Lady Gaga to promote its browser and other services should be interesting. Google is not the first technology giant to rely on star power to promote products. Many companies have used celebrities in its ads - with varying degrees of success.
An example of the promotion of celebrity gone wrong: the use of Microsoft's comedian Jerry Seinfeld with Bill Gates. Not long after the duo's ad aired in 2008, his work was neglected.
Lady Gaga ad can not get the same exposure level as Microsoft points. However, it has not done that so far on YouTube. As of this writing, has been more than 532,000 times. It has 11,800 "likes" and 275 "does not like."