Google+ Updates in Your Email Signature

WiseStamp beginning the company has improved its Chrome and Firefox extension Thursday with a email application from Google Earth Plus. The email application allows you to include G + latest Google + status update on your email signature. The e-mail recipients can see your update and add to their circles directly from the message. The Google + update was included in the 2.7.1 version WiseStamp version. Chrome users can instantly install the email application. Firefox users will have to do a manual update, pending release.

E-mail senders WiseStamp offers a wide range of social applications to spice up their personal and professional firms. The implementation of interactive tools and social firm, has appeared in more than 207 million emails sent.

Google+ Hangouts Can Now Be Initiated From YouTube

Google has quietly launched a new feature of Google's social network +, allowing users click Shares of any YouTube video, showing an icon that indicates to see the video with friends in a gathering place for Google +. Google does not formally announce this new feature, but revealed through product manager Brian Glick in - where else - Google +, which casually mentioned that this way: You can start Google + Hangout with a YouTube video directly from YouTube. Look with your friends. :)

Just click "Share" of any video below, then click "Start Google + Hangout" at the bottom right corner.

A few weeks ago, YouTube product manager Brandon Live Insignia mentioned the possibility of silence to allow future meeting places YouTube videos in vivo, and this should be the first stage of this initiative.

As mentioned below, has been possible to watch videos with your friends from the Google home +, through a more complicated manual process should be started with Google +. But this new button that allows you to start gathering places for YouTube with a couple of clicks makes it much easier.