GoDaddy sold to Silver Lake, KKR, and TCV

Even the laziest bum can look busy in a hurry with this adaptation of many of the interactive features of Facebook. Just go to click "Gimme Dem spreadsheets", enter your Facebook credentials, and there's your Facebook news feed, everything is made to look just like an Excel spreadsheet.

Not just a static graphic, or - lets you search Facebook friends by entering a name in the formula bar, the burden of more items, see the wall of your newsfeed, or tag photos, go to see who would like a job, and is there even a head switch (space bar), immediately, everything changes in a vast sea of ​​numbers spreadsheet of all nestled within its legitimate-looking cells.

The only thing missing? Photos of full size. However, links are clickable, and you can see thumbnails when hovering over their descriptions. In addition, large photos would be a gift to the fact that, uh, not working.