Private photo sharing app 'Moments' from Facebook

Will Ruben, Facebook’s Product Manager for Moments say their goal with the app was to create a very private space for groups of friends to share photos. Gatherings, trips, events, meets etc. are now captured in everyone’s cell phones; it however becomes difficult to sort them and moreover to share it with everybody individually. Photos uploaded on social websites need not have the most appropriate audience especially for all your private moments and addressing this issue is the new standalone app – Moments.

Moments keeps the photos organized on your phone by grouping photos together based on who are there in them and when they were taken. The app uses face recognition technology, much like ‘tagging’ on Facebook. Therefore syncing photos with the app makes it easier for you to store them and share it with groups of friends and even take photos you don’t have from them. It is possible to share photos with friends by syncing the same with them and they can sync photos with you as well.

Moments app doubles as a good backup of all your photographs with a limitless storage option, whether you have the originals photos on your phone or not! Ruben also says that the images are optimized for speed and quality of the captured moments, although the full resolution of the image will be compromised. Moments will let you however recover old photos from friends that you would have otherwise never discovered.
A Creative Labs’ app – Moments is now available on iOS and Android in the US. Over time the app will be available in many more countries.