Digg Launches Newswire, a Social News Curation Tool

Digg launched a new social feature called news discovery on Monday Newswire.
Newswire "gives you the tools to shape the stories that break on Digg," the blog social news site. Unlike other parts of Digg, the news Newswire updates in real time - as the stories are presented, appear in the "recent" in the Newswire. As Dugg, stories move up the "Trend" in the Newswire.

As the company points out in his blog, the key to choosing the top stories on Digg is finding them. This tool was created to help ease the pain of searching through a pile of mediocre content to find diamonds. Instead, users will find the latest in "recent" and the most popular stories of "Trends."

Popularity is calculated "to see how many Diggs, tastes and Tweets [a story] is, who has Dugg, when submitted, the quality of past tales, and a handful of other signs," the blog of Digg.

The feed can be customized Newswire, focusing the search results with the following information:

By "recent" or "fashionable" stories
For media types like images, videos or text (or all stories)
By number of Diggs ("more" or "less than" a number of Diggs)
By theme, such as business, entertainment, technology, etc.
To promote transparency of how the news is unfolding, the Newswire also has a channel activity in the right column, as well as its own page.

Digg has faced difficult times - founder Kevin Rose left the company earlier this year, the site has faced falling traffic Reddit competitor site has benefited from the decline of Digg and the company made major staff cuts at year's end past.