StumbleUpon Button Clicks Reaches 25 Billion

StumbleUpon social discovery tool has reached a new milestone, and his famous "Stumble" is clicked the button for more than 25 billion times. "Today we celebrate 25 billion clicks the Stumble It! Button," said Community Manager Monica StumbleUpon Semergiu in a tweet.

The media company has been on a roll since he left eBay in 2009. In November 2010, the social site users hit 12 million.

StumbleUpon reached 27.5 million trips in one day and last month broke his record mobile phone use during the Super Bowl this year. In April, the company faces a month 1000000000 blow.

StumbleUpon While not receiving the same kind of media attention that Facebook, Twitter, or Google Foursquare Garner +, has quietly grown into a social power of media with millions of loyal users. The result has been a solid business that will celebrate its 10th birthday in November.