Harry Potter online world

The long-awaited Harry Potter in digital format is coming to an end. The author JK Rowling has announced that its series, will finally be available as e-books. Although prices have not been revealed, the titles will be available in a new online world built around a series called Pottermore, which also unveiled today. To say that the Harry Potter series has become an international mega-success would be an understatement. Some 450 million Harry Potter books have sold worldwide since the first of seven novels published in 1997. The series has also broken box office records with seven theatrical releases and an end next July.

Besides being the exclusive home of Harry Potter e-books, Pottermore is a place where fans can interact with others and events in the books. After signing up for the free dive site, fans can "visit Diagon Alley, they fall in a house, cast spells and potions to help blend the house to compete for the House Cup."
Rowling said she has new material that will make its way to Pottermore.
"I wanted to give something back to fans who have followed Harry with such devotion in recent years, and the stories of a new digital generation," Rowling said in a statement. "As I have contributed to the site, all others can join by submitting their own comments, pictures and other content in a safe and enjoyable - Pottermore has been designed as a place to share stories with your friends as you travel through the site. "
Pottermore be launched to all muggles - non-magical humans - in October. However, those who want to come and help shape the site before then you can try to do so when registration opens July 31. The first 1 million people successfully "follow the owl," as Rowling teases, you win the right to enter the home page.