Haynes Manuals Coming Online

The iconic Haynes Manuals, the encyclopedic volume that contains all knowledge of any mechanical tinkering under the tree needs to repair his car, is finally available in digital form. Haynes called MOL (online manual), the house mechanical products are given the same information in confidence have been waiting for manual printing of more than 50 years. The manuals have been a mainstay in his garage, which contains hundreds of images and step by step instructions. To show the readers to do everything from a simple oil change to replace a power steering pump.

Haynes Manuals are a form of empowerment for car owners to save money and learn a lot about internal combustion engines, and to maintain and repair their own vehicles - like the writer did throughout college with the help several manuals Haynes and a series of pots.

The company has never published on-line auto repair manuals, but has now begun to demonstrate an electronic version of the manuals to major retailers Auto Repair in the United States.

So why now online manuals? As a result, Haynes acquired Vivid Holding BV digital shop three years ago, and online book represents a collaboration between Haynes and Vivid editorial crew.

MOL Haynes begin its implementation with the 50 most popular titles Haynes, who will be available by subscription in the fall of 2011. The Ministries of Labor also will be compressed and mobile use. As implementation continues, more titles will be added. Sales manual printing will also continue.