Angry Birds Maker Sued for Patent Violation

Rovio, maker of the hit game platform angry birds, is being sued by U.S. company for Lodsys violations of patents, reports Telegraph. Lodsys states that the Finnish company violated its patents covering methods for the purchase of new levels within the game Angry Birds. The European patent system requires that software inventions have some physical effect of patentability, while the U.S. patent system is looser, allowing software patents only based on the idea.

According to the Telegraph, a number of European games developers have given up their games to launch in the U.S., and some are considering withdrawing the games market in the U.S. because the claims of the patent Lodsys.

Angry Birds is downloaded more than 1 million times per day. Originally a mobile game, which quickly spread to many platforms, including browsers and consoles, and its success has led to even consider Rovio an initial public offering.