StumbleUpon Drives More Than 50% of Social Media Traffic

What social network drives most traffic to the rest of the web? If you think it's Facebook or Twitter, you're wrong. StumbleUpon now represents over 50% of all traffic of reference of the best places in the media. New data shows that StatCounter StumbleUpon is the main source of traffic between the world's leading social networking media. For the first 18 days of August, StumbleUpon represented 50.27% of referral traffic from the 10 social sites. Facebook was the second with a market share of 38.9%, while Reddit, YouTube and Twitter, each received less than 4%.

The statistics are startling, to say the least. StumbleUpon has been growing rapidly (recently surpassed 25 billion StumbleUpon button clicks), but not anywhere near as many users as Facebook or Twitter. The company tracks approximately 3 million web sites, however, so you have a decent sample size.

Although we did not dare to say that traffic drives over StumbleUpon Facebook (12 million users can actually exceed 750 million?) The service is clearly growing in influence. Mashable has seen a steady increase in referral traffic to StumbleUpon recent months, and there is nothing to suggest that growth will not continue.