Twitter renewing mobile site for iPad users

Twitter is improving its mobile site to make it more user-friendly iPad.
Twitter news this week, Twitter said it plans to release a HTML5 IPAD owners over the next week or so.
While Twitter was the mother in more detail, TechCrunch offers a glimpse into the new-look site mobile and feel. Taking advantage of HTML5, the new design uses a dual-panel approach, improving on a single display panel of the present site of Mobile.

Twitter has not requested immediate return of CNET for more information. However, Penner said spokeswoman Carolyn TechCrunch that "implementation of HTML5 is a great alternative for people who prefer to use the browser through native applications. The two columns in the view is consistent with the experience of Twitter is used ( Twitter. com), and takes advantage of touch gestures and other capabilities of the device. "
Beyond using the mobile site, users can, of course, iPad access their tweets through a variety of dedicated applications, including IOS own Twitter app, Twitterific, and Echofon TweetCaster, to name a few.