Facebook now allows anyone with a verified account to use Mentions app

Facebook is now expanding its Mentions and live blogging app to more users which as of now, is only available on the iOS App Store. The platform, which was previously available for certain celebrities such as musicians and actors will now be open to any individual with a verified account Mentions account.
According to the Facebook Blog, you can report from the scene with Live, host a Q&A and connect in real-time with your followers. You can also check out what people are saying about you and other topics you follow. In addition, you can also see what topics are currently trending on Facebook.
The new Mentions app will also let you too choose the audience you want to share your text, links, photos or anything else. For example, Facebook states that you can share a post so only your followers see it in News Feed.
With this attempt, Facebook wants more and more journalists to use its platform as their distribution channel of choice. This will allow them to post live to Facebook during breaking news or to host live Q&As with followers as well.
Users with a verified profile can log in with their Facebook credentials to start connecting with their followers but if you’re a public figure and believe your Page or profile should be verified, you can fill out this form.
The whole deal is to make it simpler for people with verified pages to manage their Facebook account by viewing posts that mention them. It will also help these people to respond more quickly and easily via the dedicated app. Facebook Mentions also shows a timeline of posts that reference the particular user.
Facebook calls it an authentic way to connect with fans. Besides access to the video on News Feed, people who have recently interacted with a celebrity’s posts will receive a notification when the broadcast begins.