Barack Obama to Start Tweeting From @BarackObama Account

U.S. President Barack Obama will begin regular tweeting from his official Twitter account.
In an update today, announced that staff would be re-elected President of the management of their presence in social media and Facebook and Twitter accounts. One representative also revealed that the Commander in Chief would be writing tweets of yours and that "Twitter, tweets will be signed by the President"-BO. "

@ Barackobama account has been active since 2007, when Obama was using social media in his campaign for the presidency.

However, since the account began to accumulate changes in 2009, we discovered that the President's staff, not the President himself, was actually the publication of the tweets.

On a visit to Shanghai, Obama told a group of Chinese students, "I've never used Twitter. My thumbs are too clumsy to write things on the phone. "In fact, the President sent a tweet to early 2010, when clicked in support of the account @ Redcross.

With the use of Republican candidates in the early media career in 2012, Obama's staff are building a strong social program and media campaign of the President. In all likelihood, personal tweets, "BO" will do much to raise the enthusiasm (not to mention retweets) of followers.