Saudis use social media to document the campaign of the Right of Women to conduct

Saudi women - and men who support them - are tweeting updates as we drive the cars through Saudi Arabia on Friday as part of an initiative that challenges a ban on women drivers.
A large number of tweets can be seen under the hashtag # Women2Drive. Most reports indicate that women have been able to drive freely without interference from the police. As a Twitter user @ Maialshareef said after posting a picture of her ready to drive away from home: "Ready to go, I saw the police car and did nothing."

Mohammad Al-Qahtani, co-founder and president of the Association of Civil and Political Rights Arabia, Twitter: "My wife, Maha, and I just returned from a trip of 45 minutes, was the driver through the streets of Riyadh."

An e-mail alert for Human Rights Change. org Benjamin Joffe-Walt editor indicates that at least one woman was detained by police, but accompanied home without being arrested.

Meanwhile, the campaign has received some support from high profile male Prince Alwaleed bin Khaled, who Twitter ". I support the movement and freedom of choice # of my sisters in Saudi"