“Boost Comment” Lets Facebook Comments Box Plugin Admins Surface Quality Comments

Administrators of web sites using the Facebook plugin Comments Social Fund can now push the best comments in a post at the top thanks to a new option "comments Boost" moderation. While Facebook comments and rate of twenty users a reputation Reinforcement Review gives administrators the power to control the comments are more visible. For websites inundated by trolls and low quality comments like "First", the ability to control the order of the comments could be a big selling point for the comments.

Facebook relaunched plugin social commentary section of third party websites in March. Since then it has increased the size of the news feed stories generated by the comments, added the ability to export comments, as long as the options login AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail. He later added performance statistics Comments Box Analysis and a button for subscribing to discuss issues.

In mid-April, 50,000 websites have integrated the plugin, but plugin comments competes against have been in business for years and developed moderate flows more smoothly. Main advantage of Facebook in competition suppliers is their graphic comments plugin massive social, and its ability to leverage existing knowledge and commitment through exposure in the news feed. Besides Increases Facebook Observation shows Facebook is trying to use his reach and non-traditional features rather than basic functionality for drawing websites.