Google To Digitize 250,000 British Library Books

Although Google has halted its own newspaper digitization project, the technology giant is still working to make books freely available online. The company announced Monday it is working to digitize about 250,000 out of copyright in the volume of the vast expanses of the British Library.
Items discussed will be selected by the British Library and operated (and paid) by Google, will be available for free on and the website of the British Library. Users can download and read articles through Google Books, as well as perform full text searches.

The 250. 000 works including books, pamphlets and newspapers dated between 1700 and 1870, covering major events such as the French and Industrial revolutions, the Crimean War, the invention of rail travel and the end of slavery, the Library British, said in a statement.

Google has partnered with more than 40 libraries in similar projects.