4 Ways Non-Profits Can Jump Into Google+

If you and your nonprofit has kept within + Google's "one people" phase, now is a good time to reconsider. Yes, your Facebook and Twitter are still significant presence - and remains - but the new social network of the city has a lot of great features you can take advantage of these moments. While Google publicly announced that the pages of the business group and are imminent, nonprofit should not expect to get your feet wet. Nonprofit social media consultant Beth Kanter communications staff should spend 15 minutes a day raiding in the new network. We asked non-profit staff for their best practices to experiment with Google + and their hopes for the future of the new social network. Here are four ways nonprofit can do most of the growing network.

1. Host exclusive venues

In search of a good way to reward major donors and dedicated volunteers? Use venues, Google video + 's conference feature to hold a meeting with a celebrity or a major player in their organization. His supporters love the individual attention of a small venue that rewards commitment.

Tammy Gordon, director of AARP of communication and strategy, hopes to begin their day of service 9.11 with an inspiring speech from a celebrity ambassador for a meeting place. "It will be a great way to connect with key volunteers," says Gordon.

The host of the den to create a circle of participants in the event, such as "9 / 11 days of volunteer service."

AARP's team is nervous about using the personal account of a particular staff member to host a meeting place on a large scale. This concern is probably shared by many organizations wish to launch pages and business group.

One way to overcome these concerns is the host speaker venue. If the host is part of a team of non-profit, consider the venue an opportunity for volunteers to maintain human contact in your organization.

2. Meet their circles

The circles are a great way of messengers key objective, instead of bombing not interested. Try to organize specific circles of interest, geography or history of the donation.

Danielle Brigida, National Wildlife Federation for social media outreach chair, organize their circles for their interests. Their circles are professional politicians, nature lovers and photographers. Emphasizes that fans can be in various circles, so to arrange the circles with greater precision.

Carefully curated Circles are a great way of crowdsourcing ideas of their followers valued. You can ask your volunteers the types of events they would like to see, or ask your next campaign donors of ideas. Spark conversations between people with common interests.

Gordon expects the business pages are included in the circles of exclusion so that fans can select the type of information they receive. The AARP plans to offer in health circles, social security, consumer entertainment and politics.

3. Huddle or hangout with your colleagues

Jokes Worldreader team that has a lot done during his "turbo-gathering places," says Susan Moody, director of communications. With an international team that spans continents and time zones Worldreader Google can use the + 's new for easy communication.

Similarly, the AARP's communications team is planning a meeting this Wednesday for his first Google + seminar.

While Google + is not the first platform to host group video conferencing, many companies have long paid for the service. Now, calls improvised group can simplify and accelerate the exchange of ideas for collaboration between colleagues.

Curls are another way teams can stay in touch. Arriving late for a presentation? It has a brilliant idea to share during off hours? You can share the updates with a group by name, email address or a circle by using the text messaging group for the implementation of Google + 's iPhone. Its history is stored in the crowded application, making it easy to connect to your computer.

4. Volunteers join in a Huddle

If you are putting on a great event, optimize communications for its volunteers through huddle. Just add the names of everyone who has signed a circle and let the posts begin!

This can be especially useful if you are organizing highly coordinated or quickly change events such as parades, demonstrations or protests.

Curls can also be the perfect solution for sharing information with people in different email servers or mailing lists. The groups are not administrators, so that people can easily add new volunteers to the conversation. If a volunteer is removed, you can easily remove from the list.

While Bridget has been involved in some trials is nestled among the members of nonprofit staff, has not fully explored the potential of the Google platform + text messages in groups. However, its speed and ease is expected to promote the comprehensive implementation of nonprofit organizations.