Pages Simplifies Place Search on the Web

"We want to eliminate all unnecessary searches that people have to do," says Sam Beaudin of the vision behind starting browser is an application that puts a different profile of a website - through sites Facebook, Foodspotting, Foursquare, Google sites, Yelp, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, Citysearch and others - from side to side for a faster access. "I do not want to go to ten places to learn about a place," says Beaudin. " born out of necessity. We wanted to make a seamless search experience and allow all of these sites before silos to work together." available as a browser extension for Chrome and Safari, delivers what it promises. Find a restaurant on Yelp (or any of the sites Tapla. io 's compatible) as you normally would, and a browser toolbar appears with tabs for each of the profiles of the restaurant site.

You can also click the action button to Twitter or Facebook profiles share many a place - in the same tab view you see - and share that experience with friends who have installed the extension 's browser. says Beaudin, keeps track of the tabs that used by most teams at the top left corner for faster access. "It adapts itself to the search patterns of a unique person."

The implementation is currently focused on improving the vertical restaurant, but is in process of expanding its coverage to include travel and venue locations.

Increasingly, mobile users are becoming applications to find out related information. Tapla ago. io result in a mobile environment? Not in its current form, Beaudin said. However, the implementation is already testing some different mobile applications, he adds.

Tapla. io simplified logic seems to match Google search - the same one that was related Google relaunched Tuesday, your browser toolbar own content for the coating similar to the browse and search the web. was founded by Beaudin and his freshman teammate David Reiss. The couple is currently bootstrapping start-up, but they are in talks with potential investors.