GroupMe Goes Global, Adds Direct Messaging

Group text messaging application GroupM is the version 3.0 of the service. It adds a lot of changes, including direct mail, a feature new beta called "Questions" and global access to the application. GroupM launched last fall as a group messaging solution - a sort of SMS chat room. During the last year, has amplified its features to compete with similar services such as the Society of Beluga Facebook Fast and the property, adding bells and whistles such as location and share photos.

Society has been consistently fast deployment of new additions and - more recently video - but Beluga seems to have stopped in March. Apple, meanwhile, is planning to launch a new messaging service called IMessage (including group messaging) - the IOS, 5.

To keep up with the times, is more GroupM with a few tweaks to round 3.0, which is available on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 Phone devices.

Changes include:

Availability in 90 countries on + 900 + carriers.
Improvements in Web application to be fully functional.
The ability to send messages to a person (yes, like a text message).
A "Questions" feature that allows users to create groups of opt-in and adds the ability of audiences on Facebook and Twitter survey.