Twitter Town Hall

Tomorrow at 14:00 ET, the White House will have its first city hall Twitter, and U.S. President Barack Obama respond to questions from Twitter users on the U.S. economy - live Twitter can be found in real-time conversations and information on every topic imaginable from around the world, including a robust debate on the economy. In fact, a study announced today by 's Radian6 found that financial security is one of the most frequent topics of political conversation on Twitter. City Hall tomorrow is a White House invitation for anyone on Twitter to participate in an open exchange on national and global economic problems facing the United States.

Questions addressed at the Town Hall will be selected both up front and in real time during the event. To reduce the list of popular questions relevant to ask in the name of the users of Twitter, we are doing the following:

• We have partnered with overall importance of conservation, display and integrate the talks for the event.
• Search algorithms Twitter tweets After identifying who are most committed to the environment retweets, favorites, and their answers.
• A team of experienced users discuss Twitter experience will help the economy to questions from the flag of their communities through retweets.

To make your voice heard, tweet your questions about the economy and be sure to include hashtag # AskObama. You can follow the conversation in three ways: Watch the event live on http / / follow live Tweets from @ City Hall, or search the hashtag # AskObama.